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Hans Teeuwen

Hans Teeuwen

is a Dutch comedian. His work has been described as whimsical, absurdist, apolitical and confrontational. Fearless even.

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First Sikhism Parade In Regina Saskatchewan A Huge Success

By Anthony J. Mountjoy | Sun, 05 Jun 2016 08:00:00 EST


First Sikhism Parade In Regina Saskatchewan A Huge Success
A large part of Regina's Sikh community came out on May 7, 2016 to celebrate their many contributions to Saskatchewan and Canadian culture.

It is well known that Canada is a unique blend of pluralism and multiculturalism. Canadians generally oppose political moves from some routine sources to create special parallel laws and institutional group identities, prefering instead to make our laws as broad as possible for everyone to enjoy a peaceful and fulfilling experience in a common society.

However, in recent years there has been growing pressure from industry to bring in record numbers of workers from over seas. In response to concerns from local minority groups who have spent years investing in Canada without trade perks; ministers are being pressured to take special steps to show appreciation at local events.

Ultimately, this will generally prove to be lip service as government no longer cares for the interests of the public, rather it cares only for the elite insider class it understands and is biases toward. That insider class benefits from the trade agreements more than than the optics of supporting those who came here out side of those agreement.

Sadly, this is one of the final stages of identity political programs. The flavour of the day syndrome that is created when today's labour market pushes a different minority than yesterday. It sucks not being the trend any more when the government programs suddenly dry up having run out of budget without renewal. Remember, the government can change any contract with no consequence to it. Elections wipe the slate clean, and you can never count on them long term. This is why emigrants are so much stronger than immigrants. They came on their own and didn't need the special treatment in the first place.

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Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.The Good Son Collaboration and His Evil Twin Socialism
Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.

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