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Natalie Spooner

Natalie Spooner

is a Canadian ice hockey player. She played for the Canadian National women's ice hockey team from 2007 to 2008.

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Canada is Better To Tourists Than Citizens

By Anthony J. Mountjoy | Tue, 07 Jun 2016 08:00:00 EST


Canada is Better To Tourists Than Citizens
Step one in identity politics, you are X. Step two, X is being victimized by Y. Step three, fund raise by slandering and libelling Y. Step four, ramp up the character assassination during the next election relying on primed audience. The opposition isn't just wrong, they are immoral, or stupid, or evil, etc, etc.

Immigrants and culture are important to Canada. That's obvious, but multiculturalism fails without a strong pluralist undercurrent protecting our collective national identity. An identity which is the product of specific history, actions, choices, and events here in Canada and involving Canadians abroad. A history not shared by fresh immigrants.

Wars not fought and won on our behalf and in many cases these otherwise good people are from countries that were once our enemies or still are. We can NOT have parallel laws for every distinct culture. That is not a country, that is a Disney Land ride.

Pluralism promotes true diversity, not in equal measure, but the more desirable equitable kind. What should be under a fair system will actually be, rather than forcing the quota under parallel often opposing goals thus destroying prior production and retarding future production by blocking free market opportunities. Pluralism is simple and puts all under one law promoting as open a legal framework as possible to avoid becoming burdened.

Canada has a traditional balance that recognizes the heritage of those who came before, those who are direct descendants of the greatest generation that won the last world war, securing our peace and prosperity as compared to those coming to Canada after the fact for economic reasons or as a consequence of their own failed nations. Remember if its so good at home, why come here? Funny how all the open border types in America threaten to move to Canada and NOT Mexico, while railing against anti-Mexican policies advocated by current presidential candidates.

As important as immigration is, it isn't fair or good for immigration long term to give new immigrants privileges reserved for citizens. They have not paid what citizens and their families have paid. Why should they get a free ride? It causes serious imbalances in the zeitgeist, the most dangerous of which may be the effect on national unity and declining re-investment in their own home nations.

Immigrating to another country should be expensive...and time consuming. It should be a serious sacrifice, one of the greatest a person can make. That is what gives it value. That is why it matters to immigrate in the first place. What is the point of being a citizen if those who are not born here and absent any historic investment in Canada get all the same rights and privileges when competing in the economy? Where is the incentive to earn citizenship if its nothing more than a different line to stand in or department to visit and no actual additional benefit or expectation.

In addition to this, the circumstances of the immigration often provoke the well fair state to declare new funding and advantage programs not afforded to other citizens. This would be more palatable if those government cheques were being spread to all Canadian towns and cities where it would do some good everywhere, but surprise, surprise, our Left vs Right political pay system pools refugees and promotes immigration in the major cities where they can shore up the voting base.

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We all know it's out there because we feel its influence all the time, yet it remains hidden. It drives inflation perpetually raising the cost of doing business.Dark Money Mysteries
We all know it's out there because we feel its influence all the time, yet it remains hidden. It drives inflation perpetually raising the cost of doing business.

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