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Irshad Manji

Irshad Manji

is a Canadian author, educator at New York University, and advocate of a "reformist" interpretation of Islam.

About Irshad Manji

Name Calling - An Opportunity For Professional Weakness

By Anthony J. Mountjoy | Fri, 10 Jun 2016 08:00:00 EST


Name Calling - An Opportunity For Professional Weakness
When a young Muslim girl was called ISIS in her yearbook, many in the media lost their minds. People couldn't eat. Said girl was too "afraid" to return to school and we are all reminded that words matter.

I feel bad for this young women. Not because she was called a name, but because she and all her friends are acting like cowards. She will now be defined for the rest of her life as a victim. Thanks to the sycophants around her who benefit from such narratives, she has been granted the appearance of legitimacy for her fear.

One Vs The Other
The vast majority of people, while believing in free enterprise and the right to make a profit, are also sensitive to anything that leans toward criticism of one person based on their religious beliefs and inability to stand down a bully. It's not part of some cultures to do that, and I daresay it's not part of our culture.
I have my doubts she will ever truly think for herself or be allowed to make a difficult choice. Islam has her now, and rather than helping her break free in a secular country, our culture pandering politicians reinforce her opportunism. I say if there is one group that the west owes nothing, and to which the west is owed everything, its Islam.

She will benefit financially, for now, by being a poster child for the culture warriors. She is and will continue to be encouraged to play up the endless devastation to her emotional self by such hateful name calling. There are millions of kids from all kinds of backgrounds who are bullied every day. That's life. It's not fun, it's not pleasant, but how we react to such forces defines us. We either get stronger or we get weaker. We either rise above it and learn to stand up to our enemies and get what we want or we play to the sympathies of the crowd and hope for the best.

She has chosen the latter and found eager enablers. Life is hard and now she will never have the courage or stamina to deal with that. She will only walk through doors opened for her, and she will be trapped in Islam forever. Defined by it, she'll never be given the chance to stand on her own, to face her problems with dignity as a person.

Soon she will be an adult, and when she cries, no one will care. When she whines, no one will listen. Her weakness will disqualify her from pretty much any worthwhile endeavour. Her fair weather friends will leave her and she will be alone without the skills or mental toughness to endure, overcome, and in time...succeed on her own.

I feel so bad for this young women. She is already doomed and the political class making hay from her experience got the headlines they were after and so couldn't care less.

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