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What's Happening In The Saskatchewan Legislature?

By Anthony J. Mountjoy | Wed, 25 May 2016 08:00:00 EST


What's Happening In The Saskatchewan Legislature?
Verboten Publishing was being considered on May 20th, 2016 for membership in the Saskatchewan Publishers Group.

The hope was to get this so we can apply for a Press Gallery Membership, and once we have that we can send out journalists into live sessions of parliament. What are they doing in there? People have a right to know.

Of course it's also useful to have a source of public domain content to develop into stories. As our network of contributors increases it's important to keep them focused on issues that matter. And we must write what we know to remain relevant.

Upon first review we were predictably denied membership. It's common for new businesses to face some initial resistance from industry insiders. A pleasant persistence is the key. Next September there is a new board at which point we will try again.

Next time we are equipped with a comprehensive document full of questions and implications that we were lacking last time. Now we know what they struggled to understand and can adapt. Nothing is over until it's over. You didn't expect capitalism to work first time, every time did you?

Besides it takes serious resources to do a good job of reporting and the extra time we spend building the site and the brand will pay dividends later when we are in a more strategic position to address real-time political issues from the inside.

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Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.The Good Son Collaboration and His Evil Twin Socialism
Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.

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Shiny Copper Top

It's worth walking over for a look now that the new roof on the Saskatchewan Legislature is complete. It took most of the summer, but the builders did an amazing job.

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