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Inna Shevchenko

Inna Shevchenko

is a prominent activist and leader of feminist activism group FEMEN. She was born in Ukraine the same year the USSR fell.

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Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes

is co-founder of Vice and now generally used up piece of click bait. Also a popular you-tuber for contrarian positions...meh, he's a hoser.

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A Man Is NOT The Same As A Woman

By Anthony J. Mountjoy | Sun, 12 Jun 2016 08:00:00 EST


A Man Is NOT The Same As A Woman
It's time to get judgmental. We don't teach boys how to be men anymore, because we don't want to be seen as moralizing. And for some its because they don't "believe" gender is real or that gender roles have any value at all. They confuse gender roles earned and developed from those imposed. This is the very proverbial baby with the bath water.

Well our cowardliness in refusing to pass on the important heritage of masculinity is producing a world full of broken homes and androgynous men. Men now run from responsibility instead of facing it, content to hide behind political correctness.

Everywhere a man didn't stand up and raise his kids a crime statistic ballooned. Couples who stay together help keep a country safe. They raise better kids that live better lives. It's not always easy and women aren't perfect, but men need to man up. Don't be so quick to walk out.

Canadian divorce rates are unbearably high. Here is some basic advice to get you started. When a good women allows you to take her out, pay the bill. When you have the chance to open a door, do it. Don't argue over gender rights. You are NOT equal to a women. A women is better than you. She looks better, smells better, sounds better, thinks better, laughs better, loves better, and best of all...feels better.

Being A Man And Being A Father Is Hard And Takes Hard Work.

Accept that you are a man, you are scum...but you are strong scum. Useful scum. When other scum come around you out-scum. This way your women stays clean, unsoiled by the evil shit in the world you are supposed to protect her and your growing family from.

And when you have kids, you will know your place. The bottom. The absolute lowest position. Because you are the bedrock on which your family must build. You are not detailed or nuanced, you are not clever or complex. You are reliable, you are constant because you are a man.

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Thanks to time; everything has a cost, even in-action. The invisible causality is unavoidable. So when faced with a difficult situation there is little point in avoiding responsibility.Culture Vultures and the Risks of Silence
Thanks to time; everything has a cost, even in-action. The invisible causality is unavoidable. So when faced with a difficult situation there is little point in avoiding responsibility.

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Battle Of The Sexes

In 1971, 68% of 25 to 29 year-old university graduates in Canada were male. Ten years later, women had more or less caught up to men, as only 54% of graduates were male. By 1991, women had become the slight majority, comprising 51% of graduates. In the 2001 Census, 58% of all graduates were women and 60% by 2006.

In 2012, more women (73.2%) than men (65.1%) aged 25 to 44 years of age had completed post-secondary education.

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