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Donald J. Trump

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Mark Steyn

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Anti-Fascist Protective Wall

By Anthony J. Mountjoy | Mon, 27 Jun 2016 08:00:00 EST


Anti-Fascist Protective Wall
With all this Trumped up talk about building a wall at the Mexican border, there have been many comparisons to the Berlin Wall which came down in 1989 thanks to negotiations between U.S. president Ronald Reagan and his Russian counterpart, Gorbachev.

For 30 years, the Berlin Wall was the defining symbol of the Cold War, separating families and keeping the people from jobs and opportunity in the west. The Berlin Wall was officially referred to as the Anti-Fascist Protective Wall by German authorities, such was the distrust of the west at the time.

Though capitalism is the strongest reproducible source of production, in all socialist states invariably it is demonized. This is highly ironic given all the technology and product these states enjoy often relying on regular "offerings" of aid packages from wealthier allies maintaining strategic position in global affairs.

Every year North Korea gets hundreds of millions in food aid and other aid with no end in sight. They are incapable of producing beyond the lowest calibre level and so can't improve their civilization and have stagnated into a lingering twilight like a dying star. The remaining light gradually dimming into oblivion.

It's easy for us to believe they are evil and we are good, but the truth is much more complicated. Think for one single moment about your beliefs about equality and fairness and soon you will realize nations on all sides are good, or at least think they are doing good for theirs. Their country, their people, their family. Good people sometimes have to do bad things. Even break a border law in a doomed quest for a better life.

Do you think it's easy to kill a man who runs across the line with his kids because his country has failed them? Just pull the trigger, right. Your government says it's fine. Your family says you must. But I ask you, how easy is it kill a man. Even in a border war. Even when they are the enemy and there's no doubt you're doing the legal if not moral thing.

None of us want that on our conscience assuming we have a conscience. We fight for our country and we fight for what we think is right, but in the end a national decision is required and we all have to live with it. Together we'll accept the price as we accept the reward, so that our children won't have to see the violence necessary for their peace.

When those who would take our freedoms for political gain by saying free speech or personal opinions incite violence, or that freedom is inconvenient to power and adversely effects stock price and thus the all important economy; remember to stand up and face your enemy in peace time with the same discipline and valour our soldiers displayed in war.

It is to those who have something uncomfortable to say that our unique and historic western freedom of speech protects, not those who say what we all want to hear. Why do you think our country is so popular to the rest of world? Because deep down everyone wants to be free.

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The average Indian in Canada makes much less than our national average a year. Metis had the highest median income at nearly $28,000, followed by the Inuit with just less than $25,000 and First Nations people with a median income of approximately $19,000 in 2005. Indians Are Canada’s Only Visible Minority
The average Indian in Canada makes much less than our national average a year. Metis had the highest median income at nearly $28,000, followed by the Inuit with just less than $25,000 and First Nations people with a median income of approximately $19,000 in 2005.

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Trump On Canadian Wall

"With Canada, you're talking about a massively long piece. You're talking about a border that would be about four times longer. It would be very, very hard to do -- and it is not our biggest problem. I don't care what anyone says. It is not our big problem."

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