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Ed Broadbent

John Edward Broadbent

, is a Canadian social democratic politician and political scientist. He was leader of the federal New Democratic Party from 1975 to 1989.

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Outlawing the Family Farm

By Anthony J. Mountjoy | Wed, 13 Jul 2016 08:00:00 EST


Outlawing the Family Farm
Some may have read already about how the Alberta NDP used labour laws to kill family farms completely following similar action in other provinces in years past. Should a farmer choose to pass on the knowledge of their ancestors and allow their children to work the land as literally thousands of generations have done before; they will become criminals. The family farmer is now a crime statistic. The regressives have re-narrated their noble effort to keep our country alive as a predatory conspiracy to leverage cheap labour for personal profit.

Yes kids have died farming. So have adults. Still I say this is the step too far so many of us have warned about. Where the state claims it knows best about every micro transaction in our lives to the point where citizens are pawns and their property are state assets by extension only relevant in so far as we are able to support the trade deals and cultural talking points presently being pushed through the media.

Notice the two standards as is often the case when sophisticated elites invent concentric circles to fence off the correct proportions for their arguments. Look how its city people making laws for rural people and not the reverse. Classic distraction from the much more dangerous city life millions deal with every day. How many people get killed in a robbery or a drive by in the rural areas? How many drug deals go bad leading to gang wars? Could it be the labour advantage that helps maintain private control of farms is really the source of the NDP's interest in this?

This is how communism forms in every state; it takes root. First it steals as much wealth as it can from the general population for the special interests, then once it has no more to steal it takes the family, it takes the free enterprise, it takes away any system that might compete with it. Welcome to Canada, the new Communist state. We are milked like cows and paid like bees so that we can buy our national press time and virtue signal our awesomeness to the whole wide world.

It's Increasingly Obvious We Don't Control Our Own Enterprises

But we get to be high in the polls. By pandering to the Culture warriors we get great press all over the world. Too bad it doesn't increase the house old wealth of any actual Canadians. Oh that stock market, saturated with foreign companies, keeps going up, and that GDP dominated once again by foreign interests, keeps going up, so every thing is just fine right? Look at your bank account history for the last 20 years. Still think everything is just fine?

Look at the fact that we've lost 20 percent of our manufacturing base in the last 15 years. Still think everything is fine? Are you even in the job you went to University for? Are you even in the same industry? You may live longer in the socialist playground with less personal risk on the whole, but how do you feel knowing your life is reduced to an aggregate effect? How do you like knowing you have no impact in the real world and are in fact chasing the bottom. Not close enough to the proletariat to matter, are you cool with letting the left AND the right jerk you around for their own political purposes. Perhaps, it's time for a rethink. Maybe it's time to take your country back.

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Thanks to time; everything has a cost, even in-action. The invisible causality is unavoidable. So when faced with a difficult situation there is little point in avoiding responsibility.Culture Vultures and the Risks of Silence
Thanks to time; everything has a cost, even in-action. The invisible causality is unavoidable. So when faced with a difficult situation there is little point in avoiding responsibility.

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