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The International Jew Was A Distraction Created By Elite Insiders

By Anthony J. Mountjoy | Sun, 17 Jul 2016 08:00:00 EST


The International Jew Was A Distraction Created By Elite Insiders
The 1920s independent nationalist movement was derailed by racism and cruelty. Hitler could sense the socialist threat that had destroyed Germany, but he came to mistake the Jews as the source of it because they started the banking industry.

Jewish Rothschild banking conspiracies were pretty common, and frankly still are. Likely this influenced Henry Ford, who was even mentioned by name in Hitler's Mein Kampf. Ford had already come to that same errant conclusion when he published "The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem" years earlier.

Many innocent people died because they were blamed falsely for the financial consequences of communist activity in the early global economy. I'm talking about the currency manipulation and labour dilution and anti-competitive state practices that formed the conditions for the Great Depression which was a world wide phenomenon.

Someone had to have tricked Henry Ford. He was a staunch nationalist and capitalist and all around brilliant man. Who was able to convince him the Jews as an entire people were the problem? We now know it was in fact International Bankers and the ruling communist interest they represented at the time. They were more than happy to let Jews take the fall for their crimes. Not unlike in 2008, actually, when the global economy tanked...again...for give or take the same reasons.

Great Depression Was Ushered In By Crash Of Wall Street October 28, 1929

Black Tuesday was the beginning of an explosion we've been trying to out run ever since. In 1927, Canada had 28 Billion in cash. This was before we started lying about GDP, inflating by conflating other assets and speculatives. Cash in the bank. OUR bank. That would be over 300,000,000,000.00 dollars in todays' money. Do you see? There was no income tax back then. The country was growing because the socialists were far away in Europe. It was really only a matter of time until they'd come to harvest us. That's all people are to communist elites, a crop to be plowed.

Canada hasn't enjoyed a debt free position since before the socialists forced income tax on us to fight a war they encouraged. Communists think a lot like farmers and we all know how smart and industrious farmers can be so never underestimate the skill set a communist movement can apply for its benefactors. It may be a different group of elites each movement, maybe it's a state today and a church tomorrow, maybe it's a company after that, or a labour movement, or a revolution after that, but the spirit is the same.

The metamorphosis a nation goes through becoming communist ALWAYS involves financial collapse to reduce private wealth. Take Greece for example relative to the increasingly communist EU. First the EU sets the conditions for collapse by controlling the currency, then a perpetual debt position with no way out because of labour standards, and then trade agreements, and then immigration is ultimately used to control both trade and labour. So in the end there is no clear way out of debt.

It's sadly ironic how the victim of socialism as it transitions into communism is always forced into a place where it seems like they are the ones who OWE something though they are working harder and longer for less as the returns diminish. Communists steal other peoples stuff, but they act like they own it. So when they control your debt, you owe THEM. The final payment to the elite insiders who've infected your financial system is the country itself, which WILL be forced to join the larger block. Whether its the EU or the USSR, we are talking degree, not character.

Hitler was a socialist, but today's socialists use his fascism to distract. NAZI means National Socialist Party. He created a hybrid to fight the false enemy, the Jews, and thought he could avoid turning completely communist by emphasizing patriotism, but in the end he just ended up creating a different controlling elite.

He was mistaken about the cause of the disease as Henry Ford was misled and a hybrid turned out to be a huge mistake. The communist virus infects the host and gradually turns it toward a special interest beyond the nation itself. This is one of the important lessons learned in WW2 and the Cold War about communism' pathology which was fought and won by capitalist, industrialists, and other private property advocates, over decades.

Personal gain or economic power or the promise of eternal life is whispered seductively in the ear of those who wield influence on others affairs. This is what is meant by the ancient adage "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely." And so it's important to mind our own business and not to crave power over others.

Socialism grows and grows like a flame if there's fuel, it always inflates and abstracts, that is its nature. It is to the folly of mankind that we keep trying to rely on it to feed those special interests because this particular type of fire always eventually burns everything we love to the ground.

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When we wake up each day, I am certain many of us forget the priorities of the day before. We all have our little mental tricks; the internal clock; nature's alarm. But how much of yesterday's plan remains?Why We Do What We Do And Why It Matters
When we wake up each day, I am certain many of us forget the priorities of the day before. We all have our little mental tricks; the internal clock; nature's alarm. But how much of yesterday's plan remains?

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A Sacrifice On The Altar Capitalism

The Jews have been fighting communists longer than anyone. They brought their ancient form of capitalism and trade everywhere they went.

Borders matter because communists hate them, anything communists hate, I am for. Communists hate the Jews, therefor I love them, if for no other reason (tons of nobel prizes, etc.) then out of spite.

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