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Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell

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Expert At The Elements Of Force

By Anthony J. Mountjoy | Tue, 02 Aug 2016 15:00:00 EST


Expert At The Elements Of Force
Everyone imagines that experts would do a better job at something. It's the assumption of experience. It's a lie; returns depends on practice not theory. There are many things in life where the measure of success is not the evaluation from elsewhere but from within. Rather than fixating on the evaluations of others, what have we done to earn self respect. What are you personally proud of. Ask not what an antique watch is worth on the market, but can it tell time accurately and is that useful to your own production. Is it stylish?

Relativism is a dangerous force, and social relativism has the common consequence of diminishing a member and their individual value compared to the group. As the group grows the value of any one member continues to decline. In the money markets we call this effect inflation. As the rate and volume of transactions increase, a socialist framework maximizes your losses and funnels a percentage of the transaction into whichever special interest they represent at the moment.

Sometimes it's just better to do things yourself, even when that means less immediate apparent return. Failing less in a system with more impact for failure and less for success can be its own form of opportunity knocks. Each idea becomes fuel for what could be, what might have been. Each missed opportunity a stab in the back from the government that should have been working for you instead of the stock market.

Why is it so easy for the media to understand the importance of protecting stock holders, but not citizens and the country they've spent lifetimes investing in? Why is stock in Canada worth so little compared to the inconsequential corporations that are here today and gone tomorrow? Is a cell phone more important than your country? How about a video game? A website? A movie? A TV show? Are these things really more important than your country? Is your stock or the stock market generally more important than your country. If you had to choose...

How about a made up fantasy future where everything is wonderful. Since no one has ever seen this future, the so called experts that claim they can get us there are really just “theorizing" aren't they. Of course, they certainly don't present their assertions as theory. So ask yourself do experts really know better?

If so why has it come to this and why do these experts not support citizenship over labour force politics? Why must they mix immigration with economics through backdoor labour deals and constantly meme that growth will solve everything....sounds like cancer ready to spread to me. Anyone who opposed their efforts is painted as racist or bigoted. I clean my own house, I wash my own car, I make my own money. Fuck the experts.

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Even as far back as Pythagoras, there was a tendency to manipulate the perceived value of numbers and measurements against the commoner toward controllable automation. This is the source of the desire in some to objectify others.Cult Of Numbers
Even as far back as Pythagoras, there was a tendency to manipulate the perceived value of numbers and measurements against the commoner toward controllable automation. This is the source of the desire in some to objectify others.

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