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Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

was named hero of the cold war when his strategy of letting the USSR collapse under their own accelerating socialism finally ended the conflict.

About Ronald Reagan

Choking On Income With Nothing To Buy

By Anthony J. Mountjoy | Thu, 04 Aug 2016 15:00:00 EST


Choking On Income With Nothing To Buy
All well intentioned socialist constructs, for example law enforcement, suffer in the end game. Once the crime rate is low enough more incidence involving police corruption will inevitably occur. Without actual crimes to solve, thus restraining the socialist tendency to grow and control, the police decay into a gang struggling for territory or worse a strong arm for state power. This will draw a conflict between those in that territory and those that now see it as theres.

Financially speaking this is what happened with income tax. Established for a war effort temporarily and when the war was over it was just too easy politically to keep it going. This had the long term effect of cementing control of our local economies with the speculators and globalist industry planners. Something violently opposed by our Commonwealth founders and even the American founders.

Fast, easy money is hard to say no to, I get it, especially when you don't have to spend it on munitions anymore and instead can use it to “invest” on rebuilding. Why stop after the rebuild is complete when its done all that good? And there in lies the source of all our current economic problems. Socialism is fuelled by this unfortunate human weakness, and in all forms is rooted in this basic principle. Eating is necessary but killing is evil. Well eating a steak everyday is easy when you don't have to kill the cow.

Socialists offer to do the dirty work for you and then abstract the guilt across the whole membership. They have the best PR people and the A listers always show up at their events. They pay better than anyone else. Easy to do when the money is inflated and stolen. Whether it's leveraging a labour force through an immigration policy or using culture arguments to chill debate. It is the proverbial sacrifice of the many for the few we like more.

Fire will burn your house down if not handled properly. When we apply a socialist solution to a problem, then it is incumbent to have end game ready. If you don't then the entrenched benefactors of the state based favouritism will overstep easily. As we saw with income tax, even having a game plan for the end was inadequate. Remember those who benefit from being a special interest NEVER give it up willingly even when they promised ahead of time they will. Their special power will have to be taken by force one way or the other.

If not then the whole system will be effected in time and collapse like the Soviet Union, Greece, Venezuela, Cuba, Japan, and now China is finally showing signs of weakness following years of currency manipulation. Endless stimulus is NOT sustainable. Period. The longer this stuff goes on the more difficult to stop the train and more harm to the country when it crashes. Bailouts will delay the crash by putting some stored fuel in the tank, but sooner or later new fuel needs to be produced.

Capitalize, Mine, Process, Manufacture and Produce...or War. What will you choose?

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When we wake up each day, I am certain many of us forget the priorities of the day before. We all have our little mental tricks; the internal clock; nature's alarm. But how much of yesterday's plan remains?Why We Do What We Do And Why It Matters
When we wake up each day, I am certain many of us forget the priorities of the day before. We all have our little mental tricks; the internal clock; nature's alarm. But how much of yesterday's plan remains?

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