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Culture Vultures and the Risks of Silence

By Anthony J. Mountjoy | Thu, 13 Apr 2017 12:00:00 EST


Culture Vultures and the Risks of Silence
Thanks to time; everything has a cost, even in-action. The invisible causality is unavoidable. So when faced with a difficult situation there is little point in avoiding responsibility. Be prepared; be capable. If one isn't willing or able to handle a trial decisively when it really matters, say to protect ones life or family, then how effective can one expect to be capitalizing on a free market opportunity. And when we can't take proper advantage of a natural opportunity we leave the door open to waste and worse because the situational momentum has to go somewhere; causality demands it.

Rather than honestly trying and failing; thus expending the situational energy, those who can't build or produce create a new type of risk. Becoming objects moved through incidence, further compounding the negative return. This dark energy converts to dark money, false economies, exploitation, and ultimately socialistic automation of our daily lives. Sales become demographic driven rather than need or collaboration. Everything is commoditized including people as labour. Creative production diminishes as does collaboration and all that is good about life. Love isn't profitable in exploitive systems run by elite administrators.

Take for for example the Social Justice Warriors who would have us pay monthly fees to pay off our historical guilt. Last season it was transgenders; this season it's black lives that matter. It's an automation of socially reflexive narcissism. No longer constrained by blindness, Justice becomes an advocate for every identifiable group willing to pay her fee. Quick, cheap, one size fits all, eventually forcing everyone into that size to optimize the volume of exchange. Hitching the culture to economics; playing favourites with tax laws. Only those who comply are allowed to “prosper” within the mainstream framework. In other words if you want to keep your job, then say and think what you are told by your betters; the educated elite.

By the time we realize the Culture Vultures are picking the bones of our ancestors; it's nearly impossible to get out from under the thumb of the trade agreements they've influenced through immigration. Brexit not withstanding, the Globalist automation continues its march toward total market penetration. Sadly, in Canada, our so called “representatives” know only of capitalism what they need in order to prevent it from interfering with resource processing. Our false economy dominantly mines and supplies materials to the biggest corporations on tap at price points that guarantee our submissive posture.

Hyper social corporations love demographics and they love personification. Your car is an entity. Your house is an entity and they have needs...stop loafing and purchase these things programmicly suggested to fulfill the needs of your stuff. As if the value of people has been so trivialized, that their stuff must now be the anchor around which our lives will orbit. What do you need? Well my car needs gas... What do you need? Well my house needs a payment...

Either ignorant or indifferent to its lack of purpose, the bureaucrats advocate this system for systems sake, profiteering on the growth and abandoning responsibility during the crash. Trusting foreign interests to dictate all our industries. All because earlier in the process, enough capitalists couldn't act when it mattered. The socialist menace creeps into “under-served” markets. Production stalled and there are consequences to incompetence. Failure and success are both productive, give and take; push and pull; techniques improve outcomes over time but incompetence is corrosive to everyone involved.

So you see, doing nothing IS doing something. It's unavoidable so better to prepare which is what a good capitalist does to navigate a risk; even the risk of silence.
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Even as far back as Pythagoras, there was a tendency to manipulate the perceived value of numbers and measurements against the commoner toward controllable automation. This is the source of the desire in some to objectify others.Cult Of Numbers
Even as far back as Pythagoras, there was a tendency to manipulate the perceived value of numbers and measurements against the commoner toward controllable automation. This is the source of the desire in some to objectify others.

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