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Shushma Datt

Shushma Datt

is first Indo-Canadian broadcaster. The first Canadian women to be granted a radio license from the CRTC.

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Atomic Politics: Why do we ignore the threat?

By Anthony J. Mountjoy | Tue, 31 May 2016 08:00:00 EST


Atomic Politics: Why do we ignore the threat?
The Japanese don't speak often enough about the consequences of the atomic bomb on their country in 1945.

Thanks to time and lack of interest by today's trigger happy youngsters, many fear this terrible evil is back on the table for some world powers.

Will Europe soon have the bomb? If North Korea gets a functioning long range missile will Japan demand it's own nuclear arsenal? Perhaps, it's time for them to finally address their own defence again and take back their independence along with their pride. Fear of a world long gone is purgatory and Japan deserves better.

Imagine a world were Japan is allowed to build its nation the way it sees fit. If that means a war footing then fine, we'll have our chance to slap them down again, but maybe they will choose a different way; a peaceful and capitalist way. Imagine the deals. A more assertive Japan could be a natural counter balance against an increasingly aggressive China. Will the Commonwealth be ready to defend her partner should China finally make its move.

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