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Moon Landing Inspired The World

By Anthony J. Mountjoy | Wed, 01 Jun 2016 08:00:00 EST


Moon Landing Inspired The World
Some may find it easy to question the moon landings given how many years have passed and having never gone back, but most universally agree the Apollo missions and landing in 1969 inspired a generation to dream and pursue extraordinary ideas.

What other than decades of debt and failure do our active citizens today have to look back on? What parts of their personal narrative encourage reinvestment in our communities or do we have to start from scratch? Has the old system come and gone?

Maybe we are just endlessly waiting in the lobby, but the manager has quit. At what point do we start manning the store ourselves? How would we go about doing that with no prior experience?

If only there was a natural system that emerges in the darkest night just when we need it the most. Something that gets stronger as the machines of folly collapse. A force not unlike that which drove the original creative forces of the Apollo missions. Luckily, we have capitalism. At any moment, just out of view, a secret exchange is waiting to happen. The unexpected innovation, or stable manufacturer. Stop waiting and go find an opportunity to capitalize on.

Find some local investment and the next thing you know, a company is formed and dozens of people want in because production is fun AND meaningful.

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Yet We Never Went Back

With the recent Juno probe successfully reaching Jupiter many are asking for a new moon mission.

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