Dollars and Sense (1906), Brass Tacks (1910), and Poise Efficency Peace (1914) by Col. Wm. C. Hunter

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There are in life the very occasional and special; the extraordinary source. A small collection of master works by a true master of a golden age. Collectively this trilogy spans the vast and mysterious world of money getting.Col. Wm. C. Hunter, Dollars and Sense, 1906, Gender Adjusted: Feminine

There was a time when people operated businesses with pride and purpose rather than trading them like poker chips. Building an economic empire was once well recognized for its noble pursuit and can be again. Prosperity came to families and communities.

Such works built countries. There has never been a time when more readers could benefit from this forgotten and often deliberately buried knowledge. It doesn't perfectly apply today, but it certainly informs the true spirit of Free Enterprise.

Editors Note: Sometimes we like to change an old male dominated narrative into a female focused narrative for fun and accessibility. We are also exploring producing adjusted versions of racially insensitive works.

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