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The Manager


The good manager is one who commands respect, not through her authority but because those under her appreciate that she has more ability and experience than they have. The selection of a good manager is very important, for the success of one’s business depends upon its management. The proprietor cannot do all the things herself, and she must rely upon her lieutenants.

Give a certain class of work to ten girls. Put them in a room by themselves with no one in authority. Come back next day and you will find that there is one girl who is laying out the work for the others. There is something in this girl that makes her a natural manager, and there is a certain instinct amongst the rest of the girls that makes them acknowledge this one girl as their superior, and the one to go to for advice. This natural leadership is the quality the manager should possess.

Above all, the manager, like the boss, must know how to do things she hires others to do, and the things we have said concerning the boss is likewise true of the manager, for the manager is the next step below the boss. The successful boss would not have obtained her present position if she had not been a good manager previously.

Let the manager read thoroughly our chapter on the boss if she has ambition to be boss some day. The mistake frequently made by the manager is to take credit herself for the work done by those under her, for such a manager may be sure that sooner or later her position in this respect will be found out, and to her surprise she will find that the employe who has been doing the things for which he has taken credit will take the manager's place.

Employee are quick to detect this spirit in the manager. They see that their own efforts are not known to the boss, and it makes them indifferent, because they see no appreciation for what they are doing. On the other hand, if the manager says a good word to the boss concerning an employe who has shown marked ability, it redounds to the manager's credit that she is liberal enough to give credit where it properly belongs.

Truth will out as sure as the sun will shine, and the manager cannot conceal her subordinates’ abilities and pass them of as her own for any length of time.

The good manager will say a kind word to the boss about the employs, if she is the right sort. It makes an employe feel confidence in the manager when she knows that the manager is appreciative and ready to tell her superior of good things in the employe’s favour. The manager who is bad tempered, suspicious and tries to take credit that does not belong to her is only holding her position temporarily, and some day she will be let out of the institution for which she is working, and will find herself forced to the extremity of getting a place somewhere else back in the ranks from which she had temporarily risen.

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Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.The Good Son Collaboration and His Evil Twin Socialism
Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.

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Col. Wm. C. Hunter, Dollars and Sense, 1906, Gender Adjusted: Feminine

Poise, Efficiency, Peace

Thought-habit, will become fixed on Faith or Fear, and the result is good or bad, accordingly.

If your thought is fixed on Faith, in the greater meaning, you are invincible. If it is fixed on Fear, or its elder child, Worry, you stand helpless, weak, conquered and miserable.

If I can, by suggestion, logic, example, proof, reason or humor get your thought habit fixed on Faith, coach you to the understanding that will give you Poise, Efficiency, Peace, then I have done a thing well worth while.

To that end, and with that purpose, I dedicate my services and this book to each of you who read it.

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