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Short Letters, Perspiration, And Friends


Most business women make much ado about nothing in the matter of correspondence. They use a wilderness of words to express themselves. They write at such length that the original meaning runs into so many by-lanes that the meaning is lost. The woman who writes long letters usually deals out high sounding phrases and customary paragraphs such as she has picked up through her perusal of others’ letters.

The average business woman seems to glory more in her ability to use euphonious sentences than to talk to the point.

Letters should be like telegrams, they should be short and to the point, so there will be no misunderstanding on the part of the recipient.

There is one business woman that we have been in close touch with for over fifteen years. We have heard from her an average of once a week, and in all that time she has never written a letter of over twenty-five lines. Our records show there is no customer with whom we had so much business dealings and so little misunderstanding as this one.

Write short letters. Use small words. Don't be blunt, but be short.

No matter what one's aspirations may be, success will not come without perspiration. It is well this is so, otherwise success would not be appreciated. That which a woman earns by perspiration she appreciates and knows how to enjoy.

If success were something that could be drawn by chance like a prize, success would not be worth anything. The measure of any valuable thing, or condition, or relationship is the amount of work, energy, trouble and sacrifice that has been expended to obtain it.

None is to be more pitied than the rich idle-born, who have every comfort around them. They do not know that perspiration must be added to aspiration before they get success.

How little the average business woman understands this word “friends." In everyday conversation we hear one woman say to another “Mrs. Blank is a friend of mine.” As a matter of fact the word acquaintance could be substituted in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred where the word friend is used. Real friends are few and far between. A real friend is never determined until a test has been made, and this test is usually troublous times, adversity or the loss of a loved one.

When afflictions come to our families, or reverses come to our business, when the dark clouds hang over us, when stormy seas are about to swamp us, when we need help, then is the time we find who are our true friends. When such calls for friendship arrive it is surprising to see how we have been mistaken in individuals. Those upon whom we counted most shrug their shoulders, draw their skirts about them and give us good advice, while those whom we had never counted as friends come to the front and lend helping hands.

The word friend has been greatly abused. Around places of gaiety, where drinks and good fellowship abound, we frequently hear the word friend, but in the time of trouble those who pose as friends will not help us, and the few who would help he cannot because they have squandered their substance and have not the ability to help us. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

There is no relationship more sacred than friendship.

Friendship carries with it love. The true friend is not one made in a hurry. There is no friend like the old one with whom you went bird nesting in your youth, the friend that has plodded along life’s road with you shoulder to shoulder.

When you have a friend who has proven herself such, never let up so long as you live in your evidences of gratitude for the kindness she has shown you. Repay her with interest for her good offers, and let your actions towards her ever be a source of happiness and pleasure to her.

Nothing is so much appreciated between friends as gratitude, and nothing will kill friendship like ingratitude. Genuine friendship is such a rare jewel that when you have a positive demonstration of it, let it be your great concern that you will do nothing to mar this friendship, for broken friendship is a source of grief to both friends so long as they live.

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Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.The Good Son Collaboration and His Evil Twin Socialism
Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.

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Col. Wm. C. Hunter, Dollars and Sense, 1906, Gender Adjusted: Feminine

Poise, Efficiency, Peace

Thought-habit, will become fixed on Faith or Fear, and the result is good or bad, accordingly.

If your thought is fixed on Faith, in the greater meaning, you are invincible. If it is fixed on Fear, or its elder child, Worry, you stand helpless, weak, conquered and miserable.

If I can, by suggestion, logic, example, proof, reason or humor get your thought habit fixed on Faith, coach you to the understanding that will give you Poise, Efficiency, Peace, then I have done a thing well worth while.

To that end, and with that purpose, I dedicate my services and this book to each of you who read it.

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