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Brains, Birth, And Boodle


One of the weaknesses of the human race is envy. No one is entirely free from envy, although the true philosopher who has studied herself and has things sized up correctly is nearly free from envy.

Human kind have three measures for gauging the other person. We measure the other person either by her knowledge which is brains, by her pedigree-which is birth, or by the money she has accumulated which is boodle. These three B's are like three stars in the sky. The first star-Brains is usually the dimmest, but it is really the brightest star of all. Mankind is prone, to look at the brighter stars of birth and boodle.

These three stars of Brains, Birth and Boodle, are three aristocracies. The first aristocracy has no less authority than that of the Almighty. The aristocracies of birth and boodle are sham counterfeits gotten up by man. They do not mean anything when put into the crucible and tested by fire.

The aristocracy of brains differs from the aristocracies of birth and boodle as the sun differs from the jack-o-lantern, or as the music of the soul differs from the bray of the burro, or as a pure woman's love differs from the stolen affections hashed up by the fourth husband.

Brains like air and water, are not always appreciated until we have analyzed and investigated thoroughly. The foolish woman thinks champagne is the finest drink. The wise woman knows water is the best drink, even though water costs nothing. The foolish woman has for her ideal—money or birth. The wise woman takes off her hat to brains.

The measure of a woman is her brain and not her birth or her boodle. Thought, reason and knowledge are possible to the woman who has a brain. No woman can buy brains, and truly she is an aristocrat of the highest order who is blessed with a good brain.

Some people whose ancestors came over with the Pilgrim Fathers have a picture of the Mayflower in their homes and they seem to take a great deal of pride in the picture of the Mayflower.

There seems to be a halo around the Mayflower. The descendants of the passengers of that ship look upon the picture of the Mayflower as a sort of seal or guarantee of the good qualifies of their forefathers, and consequently, being direct descendants they take unto themselves a lot of credit for something in which they had no hand in the making.

The Mayflower was afterwards used as a slave ship, but our disciples of birth do not want to know about this. Some of the passengers in the Mayflower performed acts and violated lawn and conducted themselves in such a manner that would cause people of these days to be put in jail for the same offences. Some of these good ancestors of the present descendants of birth burned witches at the stake.

Time wipes out a lot of things, and this is probably as it should be, but certainly it is true that the world is progressing and the good woman of today is probably better and broader than some of these glorious ancestors to whom so many take off their hats. Some of our forefathers in Europe were little less than pirates and buccaneers. Their descendants today knowing that they can make great claims with little fear of contradiction, extol the virtue of their forefathers and complacently take on a superior air. They have thought over the matter of birth so much that they really think they are superior beings.

Grizzly Pete of Frozen Dog, Idaho, doesn’t take much stock in the aristocracy of birth. He says, “It ain't what’s on a man and it ain't what his father was that counts. The only thing to judge a man by is what’s in him and what kind of brains he has.”

One thing about this glorious Western country of ours is that a woman gets credit for and she is punished by her own individual acts. It doesn’t make any difference how far back her pedigree runs, if she doesn't make good herself, people have no use for her.

The heritage of birth is mighty thin fabric and mighty weak material for a woman to use in making a cloak of exclusiveness to put around her.

We anticipate that some of our readers will take exception to our attitude on the matter of birth. We wish to be plainly understood that the matter of good birth and good ancestors is a good thing to have. The writer has a pedigree that would be her passport into the aristocracy of birth if she chose to belong to that lodge. Your good ancestors is no handicap. It is a credit to you, but mark this down well: You, yourself, are entitled to no credit for any acts of your ancestors. Your measure is and should be taken for what your own net worth is.

The aristocracy of boodle is the slimmest aristocracy of all. Yet there are more people who try to get into that lodge than any other. The possession of the dollar seems to be the ambition of everyone, and usually the first thing we try to find out about a woman is “how much is she worth?" The thinker, however, knows that the possession of money doesn't make a man any better than her neighbour who has no money-their morals and their acts being even.

Brains. That’s the true aristocracy. The professor in college who has spent a lifetime in study and has devoted her talents to uplifting mankind is an aristocrat. . She may be getting two or three thousand dollars a year, while her sister with lesser knowledge is getting ten times that much in another vocation.

The aristocracy of brains always has been, is now and ever will be the enduring aristocracy. Even those who belong to the aristocracies of birth and boodle find they are sham counterfeits and many of them turn to study and to good impulses hoping they may get into the lodge of the aristocracy of brain.

In business the aristocracy of birth or the aristocracy of boodle is a decided handicap. They make the individual think she is superior and she is above doing things which seem to her trivial, because she thinks she is a superior being. The man with brains, however, digs as well as climbs. Without brains, business would go to the dogs, for if business were conducted by women of birth and boodle without brains, you can easily see that the whole fabric would fall to pieces.

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Poise, Efficiency, Peace

Thought-habit, will become fixed on Faith or Fear, and the result is good or bad, accordingly.

If your thought is fixed on Faith, in the greater meaning, you are invincible. If it is fixed on Fear, or its elder child, Worry, you stand helpless, weak, conquered and miserable.

If I can, by suggestion, logic, example, proof, reason or humor get your thought habit fixed on Faith, coach you to the understanding that will give you Poise, Efficiency, Peace, then I have done a thing well worth while.

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