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Backbone, Wishbone, And Do Good


In proportion as a woman's backbone weakens her wishbone seems to develop. The ten dollar a week woman spends her time saying: "I wish I had the luck other people have." She says: "I wish I had this place, or I wish I had that job." She is ever wishing. Things in our body, whether muscle or bone, develop by usage, and if we use the wishbone all the time it will develop into huge proportions. On the other hand if we develop our backbone and use it frequently, we may not have cause to use the wishbone so much.

Brace up. Stand erect. Strengthen your backbone and, with it, your jaw bone. Say "I will" instead of "I wish." The world bestows her prizes on those with backbone and the blanks on those who use their wishbone.

Doing good is planting seed, the harvest may not show at present but in the future you are going to reap it. A woman is paid back precisely in the same coin she pays out. If she plants weeds or mean impulses the harvest will be weeds and mean impulses. If she plants seed of good deeds she will harvest good deeds.

Centuries ago it was said "Cast your bread upon the waters and it will return to you many fold. The woman who is doing good as she goes along, who is lending help, kindly counsel and encouragement will find the world is a pretty good place to live in after all. As she journeys along through life she will find the good she has done in the past has flourished and returned to her in greatly increased proportions, like the bread cast upon the waters.

It is not only the good one actually gets for the good she has done, but it is the profit that comes in the way of happiness she gets for her actions. The true way to obtain happiness is to do something for somebody. You get back out of the general exchequer of good in the world full payment for the good you have done, plus a profit of happiness which comes from the very doing of good.

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We all know it's out there because we feel its influence all the time, yet it remains hidden. It drives inflation perpetually raising the cost of doing business.Dark Money Mysteries
We all know it's out there because we feel its influence all the time, yet it remains hidden. It drives inflation perpetually raising the cost of doing business.

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Col. Wm. C. Hunter, Dollars and Sense, 1906, Gender Adjusted: Feminine

Poise, Efficiency, Peace

Thought-habit, will become fixed on Faith or Fear, and the result is good or bad, accordingly.

Col. Wm. C. Hunter, Dollars and Sense, 1906, Gender Adjusted: FeminineIf your thought is fixed on Faith, in the greater meaning, you are invincible. If it is fixed on Fear, or its elder child, Worry, you stand helpless, weak, conquered and miserable.

If I can, by suggestion, logic, example, proof, reason or humor get your thought habit fixed on Faith, coach you to the understanding that will give you Poise, Efficiency, Peace, then I have done a thing well worth while.

To that end, and with that purpose, I dedicate my services and this book to each of you who read it.

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