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Politics, Profanity, And System


Politics is a losing game. Everyone owes it to themselves and to their family and to their country to take an interest in politics to the extent of getting out to the primaries and voting for the right person, and help to get good people in office. But when one carries politics to extremes or mixes it with business, business is sure to suffer.

There are two kinds of politics—the honest kind and the grafting kind. The honest politician gets very slight renumeration for the time and energy spent, and the grafting politician sooner or later winds up in the soup through dishonest practices.

There is no greater danger to business than to have the proprietor spend much of her time in politics. The upright business woman will not descend to the things practised by the dishonest politician, and the sharp business woman who has no compunctions on this score will make a loss in her business.

The law of compensation surely comes in here, for in proportion as a woman plays politics her business is bound to suffer.

Twenty-five years ago profanity was found on every side. Today you find it only among labourers. Business people won't allow profanity. Swearing goes with lying. The truthful woman can look you in the eye and chisel out her words and you know she means it.

The liar gets angry and swears, and she is a bluff. Truth doesn’t need curse words to make it stick.

Some great women swear and many small woimen swear. Usually, however, the truly great woman doesn't swear. Women who think, women who study and analyze, seldom swear.

Swear words are usually used as fillers in sentences. Some women have limited knowledge of adjectives so they resort to swearing.

Mark this when you hear a woman firing a volley of profanity in rapid succession-—-You lose respect for that woman!

Profanity is an easier habit to acquire and harder to give up than its distant relative, slang. Slang has its value for it has taken place of much profanity.

Slang and profanity, and logic and thought don't mix well together. The more profanity, the less brains in your make-up. Profanity is a hold-back.

System is all right so long as it lessens labour. Generally system is complex and increases fixed charges. The system of copying every letter is a waste of time. Not once in a. thousand cases do you require to refer to a letter.

Have fixed rules and prices and you won’t have to refer to letters. When you do copy a letter copy it on the back of the letter you are answering. Use a carbon sheet.

Have Simplicity as your rule instead of System. System has tangled many institutions. Beware of system that makes more work.

Don't clutter up your office with a lot of useless data and wagon loads of old letters and records.

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Thanks to time; everything has a cost, even in-action. The invisible causality is unavoidable. So when faced with a difficult situation there is little point in avoiding responsibility.Culture Vultures and the Risks of Silence
Thanks to time; everything has a cost, even in-action. The invisible causality is unavoidable. So when faced with a difficult situation there is little point in avoiding responsibility.

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Col. Wm. C. Hunter, Dollars and Sense, 1906, Gender Adjusted: Feminine

Poise, Efficiency, Peace

Thought-habit, will become fixed on Faith or Fear, and the result is good or bad, accordingly.

If your thought is fixed on Faith, in the greater meaning, you are invincible. If it is fixed on Fear, or its elder child, Worry, you stand helpless, weak, conquered and miserable.

If I can, by suggestion, logic, example, proof, reason or humor get your thought habit fixed on Faith, coach you to the understanding that will give you Poise, Efficiency, Peace, then I have done a thing well worth while.

To that end, and with that purpose, I dedicate my services and this book to each of you who read it.

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