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The Best Vantage Ground


In closing a contract or settling a dispute it makes considerable difference whether you are in the other person's office or in your own. The woman in whose office the transaction takes place has the decided advantage.

If you have a disputed bill, or if you wish to make a contract for material or merchandise use every effort to get the other woman in your office. When you go to another office you are on the aggressive, when another woman comes to your office you are on the defensive.

It is great diplomacy to get the woman you deal with to come to you instead of going to her. In proportion as you are diplomatic you will be able to benefit.

If you meet the other woman in a club, hotel or a place outside of your office or the other woman's office, then the vantage ground is even and neither has the best of it so far as location is concerned.

Starting from an even vantage ground the advantage shifts greatly one way or the other according to whether you go or the other woman comes.

Railroad officials, bankers and great merchants realize the importance of having the vantage ground in their favour.

The merchant, for instance, has private rooms and regular office hours for her buyers, and she lets the manufacturers come to her.

Stop a moment and look over your own experience, and you will recall numerous instances where it has been to your advantage to close a deal in your own office.

There is nothing in what we have written in this series of talks that has less theory in it than this particular chapter.

There is no point we have made more surely proven by experience.

The army that attacks the enemy in the enemy's country has the odds against it, as all wars have proven. Women fight best at home on their own vantage ground.

Whether you are buying or selling try to close the deal in your own place of business.

If you have travellers on the road let it be part of their business and duty to invite and persuade customers to call at your place of business when they are in town.

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What does it take to remain competitive in today's globalized economy? Is it really the trade deals with enemies?

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Col. Wm. C. Hunter, Dollars and Sense, 1906, Gender Adjusted: Feminine

Poise, Efficiency, Peace

Thought-habit, will become fixed on Faith or Fear, and the result is good or bad, accordingly.

If your thought is fixed on Faith, in the greater meaning, you are invincible. If it is fixed on Fear, or its elder child, Worry, you stand helpless, weak, conquered and miserable.

If I can, by suggestion, logic, example, proof, reason or humor get your thought habit fixed on Faith, coach you to the understanding that will give you Poise, Efficiency, Peace, then I have done a thing well worth while.

To that end, and with that purpose, I dedicate my services and this book to each of you who read it.

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