On the 15th of February 1887, A Great Master Of The Pen Was Born: H. M. Bateman

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Through out Henry Mayo Bateman's storied career the master inspired the creators of dozens of highly successful admirers including the creator of MAD magazine, Harvey Kurtzman. The art of cartooning has few legends of this caliber and we present as many of his works as we legally can, restored and enhanced for line quality and colour.

Editors Note: The final result of any restoration can vary based on the source material which is often over a century old, weathered, and moulded.

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Substitutes  | Saloon Man  | Protege  | Dustman  | Aunts  | The Butcher  | The Telegram  | Sweet Shop Girl  | Cheering Her Up  | Ailments  | The Mysteries  | The Post Office Girl  | Stagey  | Uncles  | A Cab Next Door  | Chimney Sweep  | The New Suit  | The Cobbler  | Introducing The New Puppy To The Old Cat  | Keeping In With The Old Birds  | The Commercial Traveller  | May We  | Nursemaid  | Every Other Sunday  | The Piano Tuner  | The Faux Pas  | The Charwoman  | An Introduction To The Richest People In The Neighbourhood  | After Church  | Exercise  | The Business Friend  | The Removal Man  | The Unexpected Call  | The Athlete  | The 845  | The Plumber  | Breakfast - the Difficult Meal  | Registry Office  | At Home  | A Good Cigar  | The Tobacconist  | The Waitress  | A Day Off  | The Chemist  | The Man Could Hear Perfect Pitch  | Hobbs Should Never Be Tempted By Lobs  | The Treatment In Florida By An Old Man With Taters  | The Man From Kent After A Beer Approaches Lake Windermere  | Lady Kate Has Troubles With Her Skates  | A No Good Two Timer Called Mr  | A Lad From Bagdad Chases A Bee  | A Piano Tuner Fails To Please  | An Old Women Discovers A Burglar  | Down With The Pope, Communists Need Soap  | Rat Soup  | An Angry Man Discovers Pain At The End Of A Pin  | The Workman Artist  | The Young Lady Named Wemyss Has Trouble With Dremyss  | The Dellish Man Who Beats Them Off With A Stick  | The Tutor Who Tries To Teach Two Tooters To Toot  | The Poor Lyrics Of The Singer From Boulogne  | An Indolent Vicar Of Bray Relies On His Wife To Spray  | An Old Man From Hants Shakes Ants From His Pants  | The Young Crediton Gourmet Who Risked It On A Chocolate Biscuit
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