Why I Started A Publishing Company

By Anthony J. Mountjoy

Why I Started A Publishing Company
I was watching the news on March 26, 2016. The headline was Black Lives Matter surround Toronto Police Headquarters. I was incensed. I couldn't believe the disrespect, the lack of consideration for Canadian heritage. The ignorance of our long and storied involvement with freeing the slaves through the underground railway. Canada was instrumental in welcoming blacks into citizenship when no-one else would and this is how we are treated. This is our reward for D-Day?

I will not stand and watch my beloved country smeared by professional regressive cry babies. These social justice warriors are more interested in creating monsters they can get paid taking down than actually improving things for disenfranchised minorities. Do they give a a second thought to the aboriginals, who are actually suffering from discrimination still? Does it bother them that they are stealing media exposure desperately needed by the reserve Indians who are in the middle of a suicide epidemic. Don't Indian lives matter?

I think it was Douglas Murray who said, "there is today a great demand for Nazis, luckily we seem to be in short supply." America's history is America's history and I won't let anyone revise Canada's hard won legacy for their own selfish purposes. If Black Lives Matters cares about black people then how about a "Thank you Canada, for being such a stellar example of positive integration."

That's why this so called "movement" will fail. It doesn't go where the problem is, Chicago for example. Instead they attack non-black people generally and they don't care who they scare or hurt, because to them only their issues matter. On the list of professional victims they are at the top and everything else is a distraction from their righteous cause.

Like most Canadians I was at first sympathetic, who doesn't want equal rights and an end to racism, but then I read another news story about how they surrounded Ontario Premier Wynne's personal residence. Scared the sh*t out of her lesbian wife. This is a gay premier in our amazingly progressive country and still she is an enemy to these people. This was the straw that broke the camels back as the saying goes. I was offended by the police station fiasco, but to straight up "brown shirt" intimidate one of our elected leader's wives. Extorting Wynne into meeting with them. Rewarding their extreme behaviour with official acknowledgement....I don't f*cking think so.

Every time I look at the picture of Ontario's Premier standing in front of those scowling, ungrateful, narcissists I want to scream. This is what being politically correct gets us. We show kindness and American cos-eds take advantage. We directly attack a problem through effective labour standards only to be smeared as predominantly white privileged. There is no country in the world more open to other cultures than Canada and that is a fact. That is OUR cultural heritage. The first truly multicultural country on Earth. Period. Inclusive, supportive, though not always equal as will always be the case in the real world, we constantly strive for equity and fair treatment.

Who legalized gay marriage first? WE DID. Who accepted blacks as equal members of traditionally "white society" first? WE DID. Who was in WW2 fighting Nazis from the very first day while Americans cowered behind their isolationism? WE DID.

So Verboten is my answer to what I see as neo-censorship and oppression driving away all the gains we have made by exploiting people's ignorance and reflexive narratives.

Verboten means "Forbidden, especially by authority."

I will no longer allow myself to be sacrificed on the alter of "my hearts in the right place." I now respond with "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."

When Cologne suffered a plaque of rapes on new years eve, the entire media structure of Germany covered it up after a call from Angela Merkel. If not for social media and Youtube videos we wouldn't even know about it. There is an institutional problem, my friends, but it isn't racism or sexism, its authoritarianism. We are losing our liberty and the loss of the free press is only one of many symptoms.

Our language is being policed more aggressively than our efforts to stop ISIS. Say your opinion without a careful editing of any "code words" and watch your career end as your permanent record online is taken from you by reactionary children.

Local newspapers don't do journalism anymore, every paper in Canada now just regurgitates Associate Articles stories and they wonder why subscriptions are dropping. So much more convenient to blame the internet and a paperless world. Nothing is ever our own fault it seems.

If I'm right then Verboten will succeed because it runs stories other won't. It's honest, it's local. It doesn't exist entirely to make money, though I will make money to inspire old interests to reinvest in real journalism again. It exists because we need it. We need a place to vent, to speak again in an environment of honest discourse. Imperfect people still have something to contribute so lets lower the bar and be more open to opinions we may not agree with and instead draw the line at actual violence of the fist not the mouth.

Please join the fight for liberty. It isn't about left vs right anymore, its liberty vs authority. Join me and take our liberty back. www.verboten.ca is free, we are generating revenue from ads alone, no subscriptions or email lists, just come and enjoy the site, read, share, and click the occasional ad to support our content contributors.

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Even as far back as Pythagoras, there was a tendency to manipulate the perceived value of numbers and measurements against the commoner toward controllable automation. This is the source of the desire in some to objectify others.Cult Of Numbers
Even as far back as Pythagoras, there was a tendency to manipulate the perceived value of numbers and measurements against the commoner toward controllable automation. This is the source of the desire in some to objectify others.

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 About Editor-in-Chief
Anthony Jon Mountjoy was born February 6, 1978 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan at Providence Hospital which was demolished in 2006.

He spent the first half of his career, from 2000 to 2015, building a successful technology company with his programming skills and business horse sense before starting Verboten Publishing Ltd.

Tony is most interested in Capitalism and how it applies to technology, politics, and society.

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