Bully Gangs, Social Justice Warriors and Temper Tantrums

By Anthony J. Mountjoy

Bully Gangs, Social Justice Warriors and Temper Tantrums
It's all about gaining power through victim-hood. Anxiety needs to go somewhere. Self loathing breeds hate and conspiracy. Feminism is driven by white macho-ism. Look where the most freedoms are, the West. Yet the culture warriors hate the West. Where else can you go that has laws protecting the rights of all minorities. Where can gays go, where do the refugees always want to go? The West.

White guilt is responsible for some of the stupidest political decisions of the last ten years. We've socialized our guilt, taken on all of the worst mistakes as cultural DNA we can never get away from. White typecasting. How many genuinely hateful white supremacists are left? A few thousand living in cabins in the woods effecting almost no-one.

I've met plenty of rabid man-hating feminists, not so many women hating men. In fact I can't think of any I've met personally my entire adult life. I've met racists and even they didn't advocate destroying the lives of the people they hate. They just don't want to share space for the most part or have some ignorant understanding of economics or heritage.

Yet the Social Justice Warriors are full of what they think is "righteous hate", "justified hate". Look at the dead cops, shot by Black Lives Matters sympathizers. Funny how they don't realize they now have more in common with supremacists than anyone else. Look at the faces of the Black Lives Matter protesters, curled lips of rage. Who are the ones full of hate now? Who doesn't like people different then them now?

But aren't they the perfect people, full of virtue and pop music vibes. They're gonna fight the man and change the world...by destroying their enemies and establishing their standards. Not unlike every other group of revolutionaries. It's about power, and getting laid. White macho-ism is fuelling the suicidal desire to tear down anything the West has built as though its not the best place ever created on Earth. As if it's not the free-est place to live with the best outcomes.

Nothing is perfect, not the West or anywhere else, but the West IS the best we have so far. If you don't believe me, that's fine, I respect the pride you should have in your own nation, but you'd be better served emulating what works well in the West in your own communities; Capitalism, or as close to it as is possible today. It may be easy to bitch about the West, and the West is pro-freespeech, but that shouldn't be used as an excuse to constantly insult her and blame her and defraud her. Steal from her, or do bad business because "the West can take it" or the "West deserves it".

War is not a white male invention, and the Western military culture doesn't want to conquer anyone. If our soldiers are in your country then just face the truth. YOUR country fucked up and now we have to deal with it. You're welcome. That includes IRAQ. We didn't break it. It was already a shit hole. I love how liberals claim to fight daily for the theoretical opportunities of the minorities they used to hate in the Dixiecrat days, but are happy to look the other way when dictators routinely apply medieval violence.

Social Justice Warriors are hypocrites. They protest Toronto but avoid Chicago. They faint at the thought of a transgender man not being allowed in the ladies room, but look the other way when communists stack bodies up by the dozen. When ISIS throws gays off roof tops, the regressives are busy trying to ruin the career of their local college dean. Pathetic.

Get out of the way, social losers, some of us are too busy creating stuff to be bothered by your useless temper tantrums. Some of us used to be allies of the cause of racial equity, I think now I'll spend my energy elsewhere until Black Lives Matter goes away. There are are other issues to focus on, race is no longer a priority.

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The average Indian in Canada makes much less than our national average a year. Metis had the highest median income at nearly $28,000, followed by the Inuit with just less than $25,000 and First Nations people with a median income of approximately $19,000 in 2005. Indians Are Canada’s Only Visible Minority
The average Indian in Canada makes much less than our national average a year. Metis had the highest median income at nearly $28,000, followed by the Inuit with just less than $25,000 and First Nations people with a median income of approximately $19,000 in 2005.

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