Where Power Of The Purse Meets Islam

By Anthony J. Mountjoy

Where Power Of The Purse Meets Islam
Being an RCMP officer is about being a practical and effective national police force. It's for local police to optimize for culture, not national police. It's part of the necessary collaboration between state and city forces that keep both honest and productive. At first I was want to assume someone important had forgotten about power vacuum theory and then I kept watching and reading...

Dear Mr. Minister, you won't likely remember me, but we've actually met a few times over the last 20 years in Regina at various golf tourneys and luncheons and such raising money for Liberals and supporting your re-election efforts. Successfully so I might add. I've always considered you an honest and genuine person in a business filled with pretenders, so please give this letter to you an honest consideration.

I am writing my local member of parliament to express my thoughts on the recent approval of the Hijab for the RCMP uniform. (If I am misled and have read media reports incorrectly please disregard) As I understand it, part of your job is to read and respond to letters from people who live in your area. Well that's me, and I've voted for you twice if that matters. I'll keep this relatively short so please read it all and consider my polite point of view. This will take ten minutes of your time. (By short I mean I usually write essays and books so I mean short for me. Lol.) I have tried to refrain from all personal attachment in the wording to help keep it academic. This is the intent and spirit in which it should be read, rather than as a personal attack or anything like that on the individuals themselves.

The Hijab is defined as follows:

“A Hijab is a veil that covers the head and chest, which is particularly worn by Muslim women in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family.”

If our parents had imposed customs on women in this country for the comfort of men, we would have been ashamed of ourselves. Oh, wait, they did...and I thought we were... Why does religion get a pass re-establishing patriarchy in Canada after all the Liberals have done to curb it? Is gender less important than religion in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Is the Koran more important than the Charter and our Canadian History?

Many believe and point to countries that were at one time not Islamic and have since become so as examples where the Hijab is simply an early precedent setting act that then leads to the Chador then the Niqab and then the Burka. At the Burka point all women and reproduction is controlled by the commands of Islam. This is frequently talked about by the Muslim Brotherhood in its efforts to encourage wearing the Hijab, not just the infamous media generated Islamophobes. If you were born in Canada in the last 40 years you have a Muslim friend or friend of a friend and the Hijab has never been an issue...until now.

Beyond those obvious points allow me to make the Canadian argument, specifically, I do not think it is considerate of our Canadian heritage to allow the Hijab on the standard RCMP uniform. We didn't do it for the French or the Indians and they are Founders vetted in battle. Both bled for Canada. The best the French got was a beret based non-standard uniform and we didn't make a uniform for the Indians at all. Disappointing, yet we make accommodations for Muslims and before them Sikhs? How much blood did the middle east spill to keep the world free? This kind of argument can be easily dismissed, but I sat on my grandpa Moon Mullin's knee and at my great uncle Stan's feet. I heard the stories first hand. I watched old men cry. There is nothing I can say to oversell the horror those socialist ideologies encouraged.

Canada is not every race, every nation, every belief, every idea, every history. Just because some number of citizens are now from everywhere doesn't change the past or a new citizens obligations to it. Nor does this latest attempt by the socialists to create the “borderless” mentality in anyway change the special position held by the direct family members (and related inheritors) of the greatest capitalist generation earning interest on their sacrificial investment. Our future shouldn't include cultural genocide as if all that was once here and spent matters not at all. Good or bad; history matters and it informs our future investments, forever defined in part by our past production.

Canada is not so vaguely described as to stand for nothing other than standing for anything. It is more than just “the economy” conveniently justifying whatever expense happens to be the press vetted flavour of the day.

It's not appropriate to spend tax dollars enticing "devote religious" people to join the RCMP which is supposed to be about non-partisan, fact based, scientific investigation. It's not fair to them or the public. It's not honest. We must not allow such a conflict of interest to effect our deepest commitments, and please tell me what is deeper than family? Why does my grandfathers sacrifice in WW2 mean nothing in the face of labour shortages for a company not even predominantly owned by Canadians? These two issues may seem loosely related, but in reality they are intimately linked and that is why we continue to see this problem manifest as violence in our streets. Anyone living in or reading the news in Regina knows what I am talking about. Every day now there is a violent crime reported. This is not normal and new perspective; re-assessment of old ideas discarded, are in order.

We all have beliefs but those who will not even take off a religious symbol while at work are obviously putting their belief and their own comfort first. Such a person is not therefor well suited to dealing with all kinds of people including conflicting believers or atheists; also protected by the way, supposedly from this kind of public support of religion. Again, I'm disappointed that government has inserted itself in the issue under the cover of culture.

Islam is NOT culture or race, it is religion, and approving the Hijab for the RCMP is feeding our culture to it. I was always so proud of Canada's quiet approach to religion, now we are no better than Americans in this respect.

Expecting the "policed" to accommodate this policy in any way; to honestly allow the fair opportunity for a Hijab wearing officer to effectively work in the general public is silly on the face of it. If the people most often encountered by RCMP tended toward such open mind consideration we wouldn't need the RCMP in the first place. It will come as no surprise then when normal well meaning “old world” Canadians start getting “outed” for bigotry after a pattern of baiting and social media shaming.

I suspect, after someone important tires of bad press, these officers will end up in specific areas as part of cultural out reach. This is obviously beneath their potential and cynically bigoted because it presumes Muslims uniquely require this extra effort for the system that works well for everyone else to function properly for them. This reminds of me of the failed polices of the American law enforcement in predominantly black urban area during the 80's and we all know how that turned out. Or should I mention the Indian reserves. What an overwhelming success that was. We learned cultural outreach doesn't work for serious crime because serious criminals don't care. Canada is a battle hardened unified country and needs everyone who claims the benefits of Canadianism to stand within her.

I assume many of these people want to do real police work even if some are in it for the optics but I find it distasteful to use any of them as pawns in a national conversion process from affordable pluralism to its financially unhinged cousin, multiculturalism. You may or may not agree with Brexit, but it was independence from a overly controlling foreign interest that framed that debate.

We learned by trial of fair vote that it doesn't even matter if that foreign interest pays better. In fact why should it? Is that all Canada is to our politicians? A pie to be partitioned to the highest bidder? I'm pretty sure that whatever our political leanings we didn't elect anyone to sell our sovereignty like a commodity.

Our pluralism is a constrained vision all who come here can embrace while this emerging multiculturalism is unaffordably idealistic which in America and Europe has led to ghettoized cities. More and more people may find less reason to learn English, French, or Cree (I've learned some of all three; lived amongst all three) or Canadian history generally(13 years of public school); as it isn't relevant to their lives. As a consequence the government will have to raise taxes and add services to make sure every language, every culture is accommodated, trained, and ready for a job somewhere. As though we are Disney Land with citizen/employees. Not an actual country at all with our own unique heritage.

I just read today that Canadians are now taxed more than the cost of food, shelter, and utilities combined. That sounds dangerously close to Soviet style economics to me. Is the current system working when the Bank of Canada starts talking seriously about negative interest rates?

Will you please give it to me straight, Minister? I've run a business for 20 years in Saskatchewan along side farmers of all types; I've watched the family farm disappear right in front of my eyes and I know from family in the Ag world, it wasn't because the kids didn't want to take over from the folks. It wasn't cause they couldn't produce the volume...

Are we Canadians a highly educated, poorly paid proletariat for globalists as the crazies on Fox news suggest? The world seems to laugh at how much we produce and how little we earn. The politically elite seem to run the show for the external labour interests and we locals appear to just play in the margins. Squeezing our shops between the franchises. Told we are not as big so we are not as important. We don't employ as many people under one enterprise so we have no real say.

Do you see what I see? The erosion of a nation seems to occur in direct proportion to the lack of patriots and producers.

It is our elected representatives' job to protect our borders and ensure a fair deal within them. So why are the economic policies being presented so obviously geared to serve a border-less global interest through various stock exchanges? Any Canadian who has gone through the public system learns about the Power of The Purse. Do you sense the growing distrust in your electorate? Consider me the canary in the coal mine if not.

What more can be done at this point to take away past investment and power from natural born Canadians; beyond outlawing local production entirely as being to competitive with outsourced partners like the EU did with sugar. Already if we produce more of any product generally than our neighbours our success is called excess socially and taken from us in tax functionally. Then there's increasingly expensive labour standards as scale grows so every great individuals dream is taken by industry eventually.

Meanwhile I watch my government bend over backwards to facilitate the very labour forces masquerading as migrant forces that appear to be driving all this. Blocking the pathways for emigrants who want to come here and stay here and invest here. Often giving our money away to the least deserving, most deceptive and willing to pander to pleasant narratives. Here today with the jobs and gone tomorrow with the jobs. I don't care what the paper work says. That IS NOT Canadian.

Given the visibility of the Hijab and lack of historical reference within Canada, the standard uniform may even act as a sort of advertisement endorsing the Hijab. Now at this point my tax dollars are paying directly toward the oppression of women, whether they realize it or not with their cultural blinders on, and I am really unhappy with that. An endorsement from the RCMP is not easily ignored.

In closing I'll just remind you that people don't need money to be happy. They do, however, need to be the authors of their own lives. When a young women goes to University for 8 years; generates $75,000 in personal debt, only to find out the moment she enters her career that all the important decisions have been locked into a 25 year national trade agreement and she is 20 years away from maybe...just maybe... having an actual say in her lively-hood...no path at all...just a wall with a beautiful corporate logo and endless claims it's for her own good...now change logo for religion...

Well...if you don't get the point by now...

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Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.

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