Time To Leave North American Free Trade Agreement

By Anthony J. Mountjoy

Time To Leave North American Free Trade Agreement
From even before Brexit presented a new day for Capitalists, NAFTA had never been more unpopular in Canada. The promised rewards in return for dependence on the America's open market never materialized. Costs of production have increased steadily as our manufacturing sector continues to evaporate and foreign companies make more off Canadians than Canadian companies. The few that remain operating.

Cheap product from overseas has definitely reduced prices on the consumer side for things like cellphones and trinkets, but when a massive trade deficit threatens to undermine local enterprise at almost every level; the actual profit slides out of country along with our most talented producers just as easily as the cheap plastic piles in to serve the few remaining franchises.

Ultimately, if an economy isn't generating tougher more capable business people, manufacturers, and producers; it becomes a money machine for foreign power. Yes, GDP keeps going up, but so does inflation and household debt. A quick reminder is due at this point about the record debt levels Canadians now carry in spite of over 20 years of membership.

NAFTA may not have lowered prices where it actually mattered. What if material supply costs and labour costs had gone down rather than shipping and distributing costs, might we have done better in the open market? Maybe overall stock value only looks like it's always growing because of exaggerated evaluations of companies like Facebook who have never actually made money; if key industries always go down, even if in smaller measure, is it worth it long term? Well now, decades later, we know it isn't.

Even if it costs more up front, its better when tradespeople develop here on Canadian projects. We should rise and fall on the effort of fellow Canadians, not distant global markets and our international trade partners. One never knows when those factories will need to convert to munitions depots, or those teachers may need to quickly become community organizers should a serious emergency present.

A country is naturally prepared when its economy is based on skills and labour and making things rather than buying and selling fast and getting out quick. The cold efficiency of just doing what you're told. A country is more than GDP, it's the total capacity of its people given the circumstances the country may face as a whole.

If there is justice in this world, Brexit is a sign of bigger things to come. A new generation of patriots all over the world of all backgrounds are standing up to defend their national identity. A crisis brought to boiling point by a thoughtless open border policy for trivial financial gain. Market access is NOT the point of a nation. Even the notoriously disinterested average Canadian is starting to wonder if NAFTA was a mistake.

Perhaps it was just the product of low self esteem in a previous political age, maybe our negotiators were just too soft. Or maybe such deals are doomed from the beginning. A state cannot pick winners and losers, only nature can do that because when she takes more than her share we still owe her everything.

The corporate statist alliance simply over played its hand. When the EU started raising an army with that member money and its own police force, the people finally had enough. It became abundantly clear what the EU was really after; the United States of Europe. It turns out the EU was just another cynical backdoor invasion by yet another socialist power that had already failed through violence last century to do the same thing.

As the European Union enters its twilight years from which it will descend gradually into irrelevance we will see the pride of nations return and with it a new industrial age. Get ready, no one alive today has personally seen such a thing. We are the founders now of our own future, like the pilgrims before us, we all get to play a part in that story, good or bad. It's time to make a new deal!

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Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.


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