So Tell Me...Do You Feel Lucky?

Verboten Logo Spring SummerNoone has a system that "breaks" the casino. It doesn't happen. We hope by illustrating the similarities between Fortune Telling and Speculation that you'll be better equipped to invest wisely.

Foulsham's Fortune TellerWe've dusted off a rare book from the 19th century called Foulsham's Fortune Teller and programmed its various games into our website. With a few simple tools, including instructions in basic Numerology, you'll soon realize wall street is bound to the same physical laws as any other horoscope. Amusing, but not worth betting your livelihood on. It's not the place for most of our money, if we are being honest with ourselves.

Believe it or not, there is more in common between Speculation and Fortune Telling than you might at first believe. Both invariably promise bright futures because customers don't like to pay for bad news, and they both ignore past failures and the consequences there of.

Be careful when relying on so called "experts" they may be more expert at serving their own interests than yours. The Fortune Teller and the Stock Broker get paid on the exchange; not the return on prediction.

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Editors Note: Understanding the power of suggestion and probability can mean the difference between production and ruination.

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