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Verboten Logo Spring Summer To know what the future has in store for you, persuade someone to act as your seer. This person should possess qualities as unlike your own as possible. Thus, if your eyes are blue, the seer’s should be any colour but blue. In the matter of hair, complexion, height, build, temperament and occupation, you must, also, be as Widely different as possible, but a difference of sex is not required.

Having selected a suitable seer, "take a pack of playing cards and sort it into two heaps, the first containing all the court cards, and the second the number cards. For this purpose, the ace is considered a number card.

Now, match yourself with a suitable court card, as follows :

(a) If you possess brown hair of any shade, your match is the King or Queen of Clubs, according to whether you are a man or lady. (b) If you possess golden hair, it is the King or Queen of Hearts. (c) If you possess auburn hair of any shade, it is the King or Queen of Diamonds. (d) If you possess black or grey hair, it is the King or Queen of Spades.

That done, take your matching card and place it in the pack containing all the number cards. This you must do yourself ; but when you have shuffled as much as you think fit, hand the cards to the seer, who also shuffles them. It is important that both you and your friend perform the operation.

The next step is done entirely by the seer. He or she takes the pack, face downwards and turns the cards over, one by one, using the right hand for the purpose. None of the cards need be noted until the matching card is reached: then the one that immediately follows it is placed aside. Following this, the seer continues to turn over the cards until two more are uncovered of the same suit as the one set aside.

Now the three cards are placed in a line, in the order in which they came to light, and they are read according to the following clues :


Ace - A dark person will enter your life ; dark in colouring, but not in colour.

Two - There is single blessedness in store for you. Probably you will prefer this, as you are hardly the person to put aside your own desires and subject them to the will of another.

Three - You will encounter troubles and bear them with fortitude.

Four - Your nature is not a quarrelsome one, yet you are fated to experience many unpleasant differences. You will overcome them all, however.

Five - You will make many friends ; but you will not keep any one for long.

Six - You will suddenly come upon a wonderful piece of luck; it will be far in excess of your fair share.

Seven - There is happiness awaiting you, but it will not spring out of riches.

Eight - You will rise in the world and success will be yours.

Nine - Your activities will take you in paths that will call for considerable courage and deep thinking.

Ten - You will be no "stay-at-home." You will experience a very full and busy life.


Ace - You will rejoice in a fireside of your own, where you will be content to remain. Outside attractions will mean very little to you.

Two - The call of distant lands will urge you to leave home and friends, and seek your fortunes in the uttermost parts of the earth.

Three - Yours is to be a life of wealth and plenty. See to it that you gain happiness as well.

Four - Bliss and contentment are the greatest comforts of life. They will be yours, in abundance, and they will not be long in coming.

Five - There are signs that you will miss opportunities. While fate is knocking, you will be dreaming of things that really do not matter.

Six - You are about to disagree violently with somebody. Make quite sure that you are in the right before you assert your opinions.

Seven - A fortunate incident is about to occur which will give you considerable advantage in the work you have in hand.

Eight - The cards point to "wedding-bells." They may be for you, but if your married life is already planned, they are certainly for some dear friend.

Nine - There are regrets awaiting you. Act as you think most upright and they will not be too serious.

Ten - Have you drifted away from someone whom you should devoutly treasure-perhaps only in mind? There is going to be a happy reunion.


Ace - One of your friends is not as faithful as outward appearances suggest. Beware.

Two - Those difficulties, which are a source of worry to you, will be swept away shortly.

Three - Someone with a light complexion is about to enter your life. Welcome this person with all your might.

Four - Your passage through life will be a succession of ups and downs. Laugh at the worries and make the most of the good times.

Five - You are to be famous and your name will be known far and wide.

Six - If single blessedness is your present state, there are signs that it will not be long before a change occurs.

Seven - You will not be content to remain at your present level of life. Your ambitions will help you to climb high.

Eight - Fortune is about to knock at your door. Do not let it go away unanswered. It will knock lightly, but none the less definitely.

Nine - You are going to sustain a loss ; do not let it grieve you too heavily.

Ten - What has happened, has happened. You are going to enter upon a more even and happy phase of life.


Ace - You are to be beset with a spell of bad fortune. It will only remain for a time, however.

Two - Your kindly nature will be recognized by others and you will lose nothing by being generous.

Three - You will be blessed by a family or, if such exists already, it will be the means of much happiness to you.

Four - There are signs that you are fickle and that, in the long run, you will gain no happiness from this doubtful quality.

Five - A messenger will bring you ill-news.

Six - You are apt to put too high a price on riches. Remember that money is not everything.

Seven - To the unattached, there is a proposal looming on the horizon. To the married, a flirtation.

Eight - Depend on your friends and be loyal to them. They will help you in difficult times.

Nine - Misfortunes are about to strew your path. With diligence it will be possible to avoid the worst of them.

Ten - You have only to ask and your wishes will be gratified abundantly. It should be noted that of the three cards, the first to be selected is the weakest and the third the strongest. Thus, if the reading of any card appears to be in direct variance with that of another, the second will outweigh the first, and the third will have a similar effect on the second.

What Luck Will Attend You During The Week?

This is a very old method, used by fortune-tellers to determine how you will fare during the week that starts tomorrow. Under the heading, " Your Luck," you are told how to decide on your matching card. first, find this card and place it, face upwards, on the table: then, shuffle the remainder of the pack and, having cut with the left hand, deal off the top seven cards. Place these in a ring round the matching card, faces down.

Next, take seven cards at random from any part of the pack without looking at them. Place these cards on the original seven, one on each. Allow fate to determine how you pair-off the cards and do not set them down in any order of rotation---just put them one here and one there, until the seven pairs are formed. Now, decide which pair shall stand for to-morrow---you can choose any pair you like, but if you happen to know anything of the value of the cards the whole of the spell will fail.

Having decided on the pair that stands for to-morrow, the six following days continue round the circle in a clockwise fashion. All the preliminaries being completed, you may turn over the cards and look at them.

Two Hearts, making a pair, stand for a day of considerable good fortune.

One Heart and one Club suggest almost as much good fortune.

One Heart and one Diamond are still fortunate.

One Heart and one Spade are mediumly fortunate.

Two Clubs are a sign of good fortune.

One Club and one Diamond are mediumly fortunate.

One Club and one Spade are moderate.

Two Diamonds are moderate.

One Diamond and one Spade are fair.

Two Spades are unlucky.

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Editors Note: The future is always less predictable in greater detail and more predictable in less detail.

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