The Colours That Will Bring You Luck

Verboten Logo Spring Summer It is a well accredited fact that our thoughts are varying rates of vibration and each rate possesses its own colour or hue. Individually, therefore, we respond to one particular colour or colours which affects our circulation and our mental movements. We are, therefore, out of harmony with others, hence the reason that one feels happy and at peace with all the world in a certain frock and the reverse in another.

The ancients looked upon white as the reunion of the seven primitive colours. Priests of old, regarded as the repositories of sacred knowledge, were clothed in white, so that it has become the prevailing colour adopted by women, at least in the chief religious ceremonies of their life.

We array babies, brides, and the dead in white, since it denotes innocence, purity, chastity. Black is the colour of sadness, gloom, and death. The old legend declared that Apollo turned the raven black because it had betrayed him, so his Satanic Majesty and his satellites are generally depicted in funeral-like garments.

Red, symbolic of fire, represents power, passion, and riches, and so the rulers of mankind arrayed themselves in robes of this resplendent hue, as did the executioners of old and the members of the Spanish Inquisition. It is the colour of physical feeling and ranges from the crimson hue seen by men in a fit of anger or passion to the delicate shell-pink of affection. The one is irritating to some; the latter denotes love, health, and pleasure, and is restful and soothing to most. According to some psychologists, typists and others work far better in a room with red walls than any other, but they tire more readily than in a grey or yellowish green room.

Orange is the colour of the Muses and of Hymen, the god of marriage. Brides, in the twilight of the world, wore veils, or flammeum, of this colour, hence the association in the minds of some with orange blossom and the nuptial rites.

Yellow, on the other hand, signified glory and fortune to the ancients. Now it is considered the sign of infidelity perfidy, or shame. The early Christians, however, thinking it reflected the rays of the sun, adjudged it to be the colour of holiness and devotion, and draped the earliest images of St. Peter in its golden hues. It typifies force and energy and in certain instances stimulating and healing qualities.

Green, the colour of springtime, is invariably associated with youth and hope, and is regarded as invigorating, so that up-to-date doctors are insisting on the walls of nursing homes being dis-tempered in this colour, in the best interests of their patients. A combination of violet and green is said to be an excellent means of stimulating vague personalities.

Purple was the imperial colour worn by Roman emperors and conquerors, and has always been associated with majesty, power, and faith.

One of the seven primary colours, blue, has been termed "Heaven's own colour." It runs the gamut from the light blue of intellectuals to the deep indigo of music. It is the pre-eminent colour in religion, art, and heraldry, and represents amongst other virtues, peace, piety, tranquility, a love of good works and divine contemplation. As the popular tint of the Virgin Mary’s robes, it signifies modesty.

It is believed to be the most powerful and soothing of colours ; it calms angry passions, when red only irritates, and psychologists advise women to wear blue in any tint when they desire to placate a man or win a favour from a member of the opposite sex.

Your Own Colour

So much for colours, their effects and their meanings. Now, as to how they influence you personally. It may be that you have found some particular shade to be associated with your luck, though it is more usual fora colour to go hand-in-hand with your misfortunes. We know of several people who would not dream of wearing green, because a slice of ill-luck has overtaken them whenever they wore such a dress, in-the past. And as with green, so with every other colour: there are people who have found them unfortunate.

If you have not noticed which colours to avoid and which to favour, it will be useful to point out that the signs of the Zodiac are each associated with definite colours. Therefore, if you employ the particular colour of the Zodiac sign under which you were born, you may be sure that the fates are working for you. Here are these colours:

Dec. 22nd and Jan. 20th (Capricorn) Black, dark brown.

]an. 21st and Feb. 19th (Aquarius) Black, blue.

Feb. 20th and March 20th (Pisces) Blue, purple, mauve.

March 21st and April 19th (Aries) Scarlet.

April 20th and May 20th (Taurus) Blue, and any colour incorporating blue.

May 21st and June 21st (Gemini) Yellow, green, orange.

June 22nd and July 22nd (Cancer) Green, gray.

July 23rd and August 22nd (Leo) Yellow, gold.

Aug. 23rd and Sept. 22nd (Virgo) Brown, gray.

Sept. 23rd and Oct. 23rd (Libra) Brown, green, blue.

Oct. 24th and Nov. 22nd (Scorpio) Dark red, crimson.

Nov. 23rd and Dec. 21st (Sagittarius) Purple.

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Editors Note: Wouldn't it be funny if the ancients based this on conception rather than birth?

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