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Verboten Logo Spring Summer If all of us were to take careful stock of our lives, it would usually be found that there is one day of the week which stands out before all the other six as our lucky day. With some of us it may be Sunday; with others, Monday; with others, again, Tuesday; and so on until some will agree that all their strokes of good fortune have come to them on Saturdays. While many of us are plainly conscious of our particular lucky day, there are many more who have never taken sufficient notice of outstanding events to decide which is their own favoured day. Nevertheless, there is one day that outshines all the others and it is on that day that the Fates provide more bounteously for us than they do on any of the other six.

Which is your lucky day ? Here is a capital way of finding out. Take a pack of fifty-two cards and, having shuffled them thoroughly, deal off the top ten and discard them. Then, deal out the next nine cards and place them on the table in a straight line, face down. As soon as this is done, deal out the next eight cards and place them in a line immediately below the first line. Continue by dealing out rows of seven, six, five, four and three cards. In this way, you have seven rows each made up of one card less than there is in the row above it.

Now that the cards are laid out, it is necessary to learn how to read them. The first row stands for Sundays, the second row for Mondays, the third row for Tuesdays, the fourth row for Wednesdays, the fifth row for Thursdays, the sixth row for Fridays and the seventh row for Saturdays. With the left hand and not the right, tum over the last card in each row. Then examine them. Look, first, for the ace of hearts. If it figures among the seven, your greatest strokes of good fortune will come on the day indicated by the row to which the ace belongs. Thus, if it is at the end of the second row, all your great enterprises should be conducted on Mondays.

But if the ace of hearts is not present among the seven, look for the King of Hearts and, failing him, the Queen of Hearts. Should neither of these be turned up, continue down the suit of hearts and follow on with clubs, diamonds and, lastly, spades, if needs be. Wherever the highest face card lies, according to the suits just named, there is the row which stands for your luckiest day.

It may be added that not only does this method indicate the lucky day, but the measure of luck, as well. Thus, if the ace of hearts turns up among the seven, the measure of luck is considerably great. It is even great if any heart is present. When a club ranks as the highest card, the amount of luck is still very satisfactory. It is moderate where a diamond takes priority, but if only spades are present the degree of luck is small.

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Editors Note: Coincidence can appear powerfully, because there is technically no limit to the odds in hindsight. So long shots appear extraordinary to the point of divinity.

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