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Verboten Logo Spring Summer Marriage harmony and numerology, numerology to assist your fortune. Everybody is blessed with a number of their own and, if that number can be found and acted upon, considerable advantages must be derived. first of all let us tell you what your number is. Suppose you were born on the 15th day of the 11th month of the year I907. Your number is found by reducing all these figures to their one basic figure. Thus:

The 15th day = 1+5=6; The 11th month = 1 + 1 = 2; The year 1907 = 1+9+0+7=17; But 17, itself, must be reduced, thus, 1 + 7 = 8

Altogether, you have 6 + 2 + 8 = 16 and, as all two or more figured numbers must be reduced to a one-figured number, the 16 becomes 1 + 6 = 7. Thus, if you were born on November I5, I907, your fate number is 7.

But, of course, you were not born on this day in November, I907, or you were hardly likely to be. So, put down your own birth date and find out, exactly as we have done, what your fate number is.

Once you have done that you will naturally ask how you can use it to advantage. The answer is simple. You are about to be married, you are applying for a post, you are thinking of starting on some large enterprise, it may be anything that concerns you greatly. just jot down the date of this event and reduce it to its basic figure. If your fate number and that of the event are the same, you may be assured that great good will come of it. Perhaps the two figures are not the same. Can you make them so? Naturally, you cannot alter your own personal number ; that is fixed for ever ; but you may be able to shift the date of the event a day or two backwards or forwards, and so make the two agree. In this way, you are using the science of numerology and applying it to your own good.

There is one thing more to be said. Just as you have a favourable number (your fate number) so you may have an unfavourable one. As has been hinted, numerology takes account of the numbers one to nine. Now, if you subtract your favourable number from nine, the answer provides the unfavourable number. It is on dates reducing themselves to this number that you should refrain, most assiduously, from undertaking any new or important enterprise.

In the case where a person's good number is, itself, nine, there can be no remainder when nine is subtracted from nine. Such people are, indeed, fortunate. They have no number that needs avoiding.

The Numeral Alphabet

Now, each of the letters of the alphabet possesses a numeral value of its own and several are equal; the letters and their equivalents run thus:

1. A J S, 2. B K T, 3. C L U, 4. D M V, 5. E N W, 6. F O X, 7. G P Y, 8. H Q Z, 9. I R

The theory that each of us vibrates harmoniously or the reverse to one particular number is a very fascinating one, and may be discovered in the following manner.

Names and Surnames

To find the value of any names or surnames, put the figures above or below each letter, as, for instance, take


41 9 7 5 6 64 4 I5

These added together total 52 (52 = 5 + 2 = 7)

Those contemplating marriage will find it an interesting study to discover by means of the above values whether their nomenclatures are harmonious or the reverse, and here is a chart which will assist them in their decision :

Names vibrating to

I disagree with 6 and 7

3 " " 4 and 7

4 " " 3 and 5

5 " " 2, 4, and 7

9 " " 7


1 possesses attraction for 4 and 8

2 " " 7 and 9

3 " " 5, 6 and 9

4 " " 1 and 8

5 and 6 " " 3 and 9

7 " " 2 and 6

8 " " 1 and 4

9 " " 2, 3 and 6

The Luck Of Numbers

Every number has its position in the scale of luck; some are decidedly fortunate, others are quite the reverse. Odd numbers, as a rule, are considered more lucky than even, and most people, without knowing exactly why, pin their faith to Seven, which from time immemorial has been regarded as the perfect, spiritual, or magic number, since our lives are divided up into the seven ages of man.

Seven years form a cycle, and after a spell of sorrow,loss, and trouble, one somehow expects one’s luck to change, and to expect that the one cycle may be succeeded by another more pleasant and prosperous, by way of compensation.

No. 1 is regarded as among the strongest and most powerful of numbers. It stands for strength, boldness, activity, creative and inventive faculty, masculinity and directing powers. Its defects are limited vision, petulance, selfishness, officiousness and a tendency to enforce the individual’s own ideas on others.

No. 2 is distinctly opposed to No. 1, for it is feminine and receptive, and vibrates more to the heart than the mind; it is supposed to be the ideal number for doctors, dentists, mothers and nurses. It betokens quiet, calm, a restful influence, and it radiates charm, affection and a love of peace.

No. 3 is considered to be the joy-giving numeral. It spells "cheerio," is typical of happiness, merriment, good cheer, pleasure, inspiration, even ecstasy. It influences literature, journalism, acting, public speaking, dancing, singing, music, painting, and is regarded as the numeral of declaration, expression and enunciation.

No. 4, like No. 1, is creative, but in a crude and limited sense. It is also physical, being pugnacious, material, greedy, acquiring and loving wealth simply for wealth’s sake.

No. 5 is regarded as unlucky and dual in character, being optimistic as well as pessimistic, constructive and destructive, depressed and cheerful. It has been regarded as unlucky, but has outlived the reputation, although not a tendency, for fickleness and inconsistency.

No. 6 corresponds in various ways to No. 2, and is preeminently the marriage number. It is associated with peace, happiness, optimism, and strength. It is universal rather than personal in its scope, affects financial undertakings adversely, but is a good influence in matters artistic, philanthropic and physical.

No. 7, according to this up-to-date science, is not exactly lucky. It is more mysterious and obscure, and not the best number for starting any industrial scheme or pet project, as regards health and physical well-being. It is an important numeral, but it belongs more to the ascetic, the stoic and the mystic than the practical matter-of-fact man or woman's affairs.

No. 8, on the other hand, belongs to the latter class. It stands for excellence, for success in business and organization, and, in a lesser degree, in science and intellectual concerns, but it does not typify achievement for the musician or the artist.

No. 9 is the love number, and it also indicates universality, permanence, and steadfastness. Being a multiple of three, it is similar to that number, and is of practical help for speakers, actors, and singers.

Since it is the last of the numerals, its influence is as far removed as possible from that of One. It is looked upon as the origin of all vibrations, and anyone in whose name this numeral is well-represented usually is well adapted for combating bravely all the obstacles which arise even in the path of the most successful.

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Editors Note: People have lost fortunes believing they can win reliably betting their lucky numbers.

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