The Stone You Should Wear For Luck

Verboten Logo Spring Summer There are several ways of deciding which stone will bring you luck, but the most usual is to wear the one that is associated with the month in which your birthday falls.

The verses of poetry, set out below, will help you to find out your own particular stone, according to this method, if you do not already know.

By her who in this month was born, No gem save Garnets should be worn, They will insure her constancy,True friendship, and fidelity.

The February born shall find, Sincerity and peace of mind, Freedom from passion and from care, If they the Amethyst will wear.

Who on this world of ours their eyes, In March first open shall be wise, In days of peril, firm and brave, And wear a Bloodstone to their grave

She who from April dates her years, Diamonds should wear lest bitter tears, For vain repentance flow ; this stone, Emblem of innocence is known.

Who first beholds the light of day, In spring’s sweet, flowery month of May, And wears an Emerald all her life, Shall be a loved and happy wife.

Who comes with summer to this earth, And owes to June her hour of birth, With ring of Agate on her hand, Can health, wealth, and long life command.

The glowing Ruby shall adorn, Those who in warm July are born, Then Will they be exempt and free, From love’s doubt and anxiety.

Wear a Sardonyx or for thee, No conjugal felicity, The August born without this stone, ’Tis said, must live unloved and lone.

A maiden born when autumn leaves, Are rustling in the September breeze, A Sapphire on her brow should bind, ’Twil1 cure diseases of the mind.

October child is born for woe, And life's vicissitudes must know ; But lay an Opal on her breast, And hope will lull those woes to rest.

Who first comes to this world below, With drear November’s fog and snow, Should prize the Topaz’s amber hue, Emblem of friends and lovers true.

If cold December gave you birth, The month of snow and ice and mirth, Place on your hand a Turquoise blue, Success will bless whate’er you do.

The significance of these stones is, briefly, as follows :

Agate. This was supposed in days of old to call down the favour of the gods, and since it contains pretty markings like trees and mosses, it is considered specially good for gardeners, foresters, farmers and all people who grow things. It endows the wearer with love and friendship.

Amethyst. This is pre-eminently the lover’s stone, as it was dedicated to St. Valentine, their patron saint. It signifies true love and fidelity, and brings the best of luck to those born in February.

Bloodstone. It is the emblem of courage, and soldiers of old wore it in battle, believing it had the power to stop bleeding. It is more suitable for men than women, but whoever wears it has a talisman for warding off disease and accidents.

Diamond. This stone was deemed to be the most powerful of any, it being a symbol of the sun and of invincible fire. It expelled fear and promoted courage. To it was attributed wisdom, insight, innocence and joy, especially when worn on the left side.

Emerald. According to an old legend, if this gem were bestowed by a lover, it only retained its exquisite depth of colour as long as both remained faithful, but it grew dull and pale if either tired of each other.

Garnet. This is a form of Ruby, but less red in colour and sometimes even pink. Its special duties are to ward off diseases in which inflammation plays a part. It provides the wearer with a cheerful nature and a healthy life.

Opal. This beautiful stone is supposed to change colour with the emotions of the wearer, flushing with love and pleasure, and paling in the presence of foes. It stands, mainly, for hope, though those coming under its sway possess foresight and prophetic powers. At one time, it was looked upon as an ill-omen, but whatever reputation it had in this direction has now disappeared entirely.

Ruby. It is well to remember that this stone need not be blood-red,_ as there are specimens which are green, purple, and even black. It is said to drive away ghosts and sadness, to inspire confidence and bring good fortune.

Sapphire. All blue stones are lucky to lovers, since they are the colour of Venus, the goddess of love. To the sapphire is attributed the powers of providing a peaceful influence, love, hope and joy ; but all its virtues perish in the possession of an evil-doer.

Sardonyx. Its chief powers are those of preserving the wearer from the dangers of snakes and other venomous creatures.

Topaz. This stone wards off attacks of asthma, chest troubles, rheumatic complaints, and even brain diseases, according to the ancients, who valued it highly for its medicinal powers.

Turquoise. This stone varies with the mood of its owner, and is supposed to fade when its possessor his about to die. It has the property of watching over people and preventing them from falls, which might endanger their lives.

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