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To Lift Three Matches With One


You get three matches of equal length, and cut the end of one in the shape of a wedge, in the end of another you make a small slit, and you are ready to perform your trick.

Introduce the wedge end into the end you have slit, so that they will hold together their own weight; now take the third match and the two you have put together, and nicely balance them upon the table, as represented in the engraving.

Then take another match (D); and insert. the end of it under the upper ends of the three matches. A, B, C; balance upon the table, and very gently push the matches A and B back, just enough to let the match C fall upon the match D, which you hold in your fingers, and the two matches A and B will fall back again, overlapping the match C, as represented in the engraving.

Now you can easily raise them, and carry them anywhere you desire. This is a very simple trick, and having shown it once it can easily be done by observing parties.

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