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Michael Sturzenberger - Describing an event in Munich, March 2016


Credits: Michael Sturzenberger

Translated from german: We have a rally at the Rot-Kreuz Place and a few minutes ago a Turkish Muslim hit me in the face. Look at my glasses. Destroyed. He hit my face with full force. See the wound, I think its bleeding, yes? I simply wanted to tell him whats in the Koran. It says in the Koran that all non-believers are worse than animals. Surah 8 v. 55. One Muslim trieds to rip the Koran out of my hand while the other hits my face.

So this seems to be the "peacefulness" of Muslims that live among us. This is only one example in a long chain of aggression and death threats. I was threatened with decapitation, I was told without the police here we would all be dead already. Muslims in Munich. There are 120,000 Muslims in Munich, we do not know the real (dark) number. The sleepers who are ready at any moment to wage jihad. One Muslim told us "I am ready to kill for Allah." At least 5 Muslims told me they would love to cut off my head. One said he will stick a knife into my head.

We have aggressive Muslims among us who are ready to kill and everyone looks away. It's like in the Third Reich when the Nazis came into power. It was Winston Churchill who had read "Mein Kampf" and warned of the danger and no-one believed him. Appeasers like Chamberlain went to Hitler. "Yes, he talks of peace", and then came the result. 60 million killed. 6 million gassed Jews and Europe in ashes.

Winston Churchill said it. "The Koran = Mein Kampf of the Prophet Mohammed". He said the civilisation of modern Europe can go down like the Roman Empire if Islam spreads. And no-one sees this, they all look away.

Look at those people, they stand around the periphery, all are frightened, heads in the sand, they are frightened something could happen to them. But fear is a bad advisor. Look at him. Hamed Abdel-Samad. He is courageous. He says one must not be frightened, but have courage to tell the truth.

Abdel-Samad is an Egyption who lives in Munich under police protection because he said fascism has been in Islam since the Prophet Mohammed. We must at last stand up. We need people who have courage to say, Islam is dangerous. And we want to educate and prevent this aggressive ideology from spreading even more, here in Germany and in Europe.

Everyone who remains silent, everyone who sticks his head in the sand, who white-washes and sugar coats, is complicit in letting an aggressive idiology get hold of us again here in Germany and strangle us. People, it is high time to stand up, now, immediately! Thank you.

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Production being based on opportunity relies on external reactions to create a cycle. Even the fastest machine often finds itself waiting.Why Artificial Intelligence Will Never, Ever Destroy The World
Production being based on opportunity relies on external reactions to create a cycle. Even the fastest machine often finds itself waiting.

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Michael Sturzenberger

Michael Sturzenberger

is a well-known Islam critic in Germany who speaks passionately about migrant issues.

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