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Donald Trump NBC Coverage Duplicity


Credits: Donald Trump, Katy Tur

On July 8th, 2015 NBC reporter, Katy Tur, interviewed Donald Trump in a way which many felt was unfair. Trump has complained often that the media edits interviews to couch the conversation such to make him look bad so on this particular occasion he decided to call her out. Luckily, the unedited video became public record after the prime time interview aired so Verboten cut a transcript of some of the interesting pieces missing or modified in the produced version.

Katy Tur: If it's hurting you then why do it?

Donald Trump: Because I want to make America great again. Honestly, very simple. Our country is in trouble.

Katy Tur: How high would the wall be?


Trump: I will make that wall impenetrable. Ok? Impenetrable, you don't have to worry about how high it will be and Mexico will pay for that wall. Thank you very much.

Katy Tur: I appreciate it.

Trump: A great honour. Ok.

*Removes Mic *


Katy Tur: It's fun when you...

Trump:'s too bad she only mentions all the negatives and never mentions any of the positives.

Katy Tur: Ya know...actually I was going to ask you...let me ask you...put his mic back on...I'm gonna ask you one more. I forgot to ask it.

Donald Trump: What is it?

Katy Tur: I wanna know why you think voters like you so much? And why you're getting such big crowds? But your microphones not on...

*Trump pauses considering*

Donald Trump: Ok, that question I can handle.

*Mic put back on*

Katy Tur: We have two minutes left to tape.

Donald Trump: Go ahead.


Katy Tur: So you say you're drawing these big crowds...and I was there...

Donald Trump: Excuse me. Excuse me. Don't say...the way you put it everything is so negative. I'm not saying I'm drawing're saying I draw...

Katy Tur: You're number two..why do people respond to you so much?

Donald Trump: Well I'm actually number one in Huffington Post and others and the new polls haven't even come out yet.

Katy Tur: Why are they responding to you so much?

Donald Trump: Because I tell the truth...I say whats happening. I made a tremendous fortune and that's the kind of mentality we need in this country....

Katy Tur: Do you think it's just name recognition?

Donald Trump: No, I think its the fact that I say things people agree with.

Katy Tur: More people than maybe we expect to agree with you or that the establishment might expect?

Donald Trump: People like what I say. They agree with what I say. I have had tremendous success...If I didn't have the success I think it wouldn't be the same thing, but I've had tremendous success and they understand I've had tremendous success and they respect me. And what I'm telling you is that I don't need this. What I'm doing is for the country. I want to make America great again.

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Thanks to time; everything has a cost, even in-action. The invisible causality is unavoidable. So when faced with a difficult situation there is little point in avoiding responsibility.

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