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Fat Acceptance?


Credits: Winston Smith

While I was driving the other day, I heard an old Blues song [1] on the radio with the line They call me Big Mama because I'm 300 pounds.... And my first thought was Big Mama Thornton would probably need to be at least 450 pounds today in order to get that nickname.

Now I'm exaggerating (a little), but the reality is that in Canada, obesity is a growing problem. In 1971, only 9.7% of adults (aged 20-64) were obese. [2] By 2014, that number had grown to almost 19.4%. [3] Although the numbers are different in other developed economies, the trends are essentially the same. And before the SJWs out there get their panties in a bunch and think that I'm only calling women land whales (sorry to any actual whales reading this), when you break the numbers down, 21.5% of men in Canada are obese compared to 17.4% of women.

Since these figures are based on the BMI, they overestimate the size of the problem a little (former Calgary Stampeder and WWE wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, for instance, would be considered overweight if not obese). And yes, there are some people with legitimate medical conditions which promote weight gain, but those are special cases and certainly aren't responsible for all 75% of the population.

Now I'm all for people being free to do what they want. Although just the thought of Wendy's Triple Baconator gives me palpitations and I'd never eat one (though I do enjoy the occasional piece of cake), I'm not going to tell you what you should or shouldn't be eating---you're an adult and [presumably] capable of thinking for yourself. And if you want to eat so much that you affect the tides, more power to you. Just don't expect me to be happy that I have to pay for your eventual bypass surgery. (And if you're a woman, don't expect me to fuck you---no matter how much alcohol is involved---because you've got a great personality. You may be a great person and make a good friend, but my dick doesn't get hard from personality.)

Big Mama Thornton was a progressive artist with a great voice. And at 300 pounds, Big Mama Thornton certainly would have been noticed for her size in the 1950s. But in the 2010s, she'd just be another blob in the crowd. And that's really too bad, because while "Twiggy Thornton" sort of has a ring to it, the name really doesn't have the same connotation of "Big Mama", and her talent would probably be overlooked today---all because she'd be considered "average" size.

[1] "They Call Me Big Mama" was released in 1953.

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Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.

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