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Atheist vs Atheist on The Math


Credits: Cenk Uygur, Sam Harris

After months of online misrepresentation by the Young Turks and others in the rising regressive movement, Sam Harris reluctantly accepts an uninterrupted interview to air all differences and get to the root of the disagreement. Ultimately, it came down to this.

Cenk: What I said about mormons that we may have a slight disagreement said mormons are slightly more absurd than christians...right..because you say they take all the absurdity of christianity and then you add on top of it further absurdity...that Jesus is gonna come to Missouri...etc.

Sam: Right.

Cenk: I think those are really good points but to me that's the difference between 2+2=5 or 2+2=6. Neither one is true so what difference does it make?

Sam: No, well this is actually...a cute statement and I think nothing hinges on it but it's actually a mathematical precise statement. If you think Jesus is gonna come back, that's one order of improbability. If you think Jesus is gonna come back to Jackson County, Missouri...that actually increases the unlikelihood...or decreases the likelihood. This is just straight mathematics.

Cenk: No, that's like dividing by zero. It's equally unlikely he's going to go to Jerusalem or Missouri cause he ain't commin. [Chuckling] The whole things a fiction.

Sam:, no, no, no, no...that's...

Cenk: [chuckles lowder] I mean is Zeus more likely to come to Missouri or Athens?

Sam: No, no, its the specifics that make it less probable. If you just think he's gonna come back...somewhere...that's one thing. If you think he's gonna come back to Jackson County, Missouri...that's less likely. And that is a mathematically true point. It's just probability theory.

Cenk: Even if I were to grant you that, which I definitely do not grant you...

Sam: Well you're gonna hear from a bunch of mathematicians who will insist you grant that.

Cenk: [chuckles] Ya...ok. That's fine and I look forward to that and hopefully we get 75 pages on that, too.

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