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Sam Harris Talking To Douglas Murray About The Left


Credits: Sam Harris, Douglas Murray

Sam Harris: There must be some underlining urgency motivating that behavior. They must think the ends justify the means in some sense.

Douglas Murray: Of course! Its politics!

Sam Harris: But what's amazing is that they are, certainly on the topic of Islamism, functioning as de facto apologists for theocracy. The fact that they don't see this, or don't care. The fact that identity politics, their concern for generic brown skinned people, or generic immigrants, trumps any concern they should otherwise have about real fascists and real theocracy and real human rights abuses. That still strikes me as somewhat mysterious. I feel like I'm in the presence of people who've made some kind of reverse Faustian bargain. It's like they sold their souls to the devil and got stupid in return.

Douglas Murray: Ya. [Chuckles]

Sam Harris: Just before the atrocities in Paris, the previous news story was the students at Yale where we just saw these students and, you know, their shrieking narcissism. These are among the most privileged kids in history and they became moral and psychological invalids in response to a polite email about Halloween costumers. So something is very strange on the left right now. What the hell is going on?

Douglas Murray: David Horowitz said something some years ago very interesting. About 1968. He said something that I think is much more true today. The surprising thing is not that young people rebel. Young people always rebel, this is something that young people do. The surprising thing is why did the adults give in?

The amazing question hovering over Yale University is why do the adults sit and take it and the kids run rampage. Now this is the really big problem that Islamists and others are just taking advantage of. Somebody needs to say to the shrieking girl that f'ing and blinding at her professor. You know what? You're not at a home. This is not a home for you, it's a University, it's very different thing. And whats more if you cannot cope with Halloween costumes then you have no place at a University because you're gonna have no chance of dealing with quantum physics or Shakespeare if Halloween spooks you out this much.

You're a useless person and you're gonna go into a useless career because if you're a lawyer and you've gone to Yale and you're too sensitive to hear about rape cases, you're not gonna be able to represent anyone in a court of law so you're no use for the law. You're no use for literature because you might read a novel which will trigger you, you're no use for the sciences, you're no use for anything and that's what the adults should be saying but they've lost their confidence and that is the most striking thing to me.

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Production being based on opportunity relies on external reactions to create a cycle. Even the fastest machine often finds itself waiting.Why Artificial Intelligence Will Never, Ever Destroy The World
Production being based on opportunity relies on external reactions to create a cycle. Even the fastest machine often finds itself waiting.

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