Connecting Tissue


Credits: Bill Maher, Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose sat down with Bill Maher and quickly the conversation got off to a spirited start about Islam as it's perceived and as it is. Bill Maher took the position that Islam is a unique treat, and Charlie chomped at the bit to engage.

Charlie Rose: How have you evolved in the evolution of your own politics? For example you were very strong in terms of the threat of radical, fundamentalist jihad.

Bill Maher: I still am. Yes. I think liberals should stop booing me for pointing out that Islam is NOT like other religions. It's a unique threat...

Charlie Rose: ...but it's not Islam you're against, it's...

Bill Maher: All religions are stupid. They are. I mean I doubt you're really religious. I find it very hard to believe that you believe in these intellectually embarrassing anachronisms from the bronze age. Do you really believe in the bible, which supports slavery, is pro-polygamy, which thinks a guy lived in a whale...No.

Charlie Rose: As you know from this program, I'm a debute of science. I'm covering all bets.

Bill Maher: Right, ok, so I saw Howard Dean on the TV the other day and he says he's as Islamic as ISIS. Distancing it from the vast majority of Muslims around the world. That is just not true.

Charlie Rose: It is true.

Bill Maher: It is NOT true, Charlie. There is a connecting tissue between...

Charlie Rose: You mean behind every Muslim is a future member of some radical...

Bill Maher: Let me finish.

Charlie Rose: I thought I was doing that. [They both laugh.]

Bill Maher: There are illiberal beliefs that are held by vast numbers of Muslim people. That I don't think...

Charlie Rose: Vast numbers of Christians,too.

Bill Maher: No, that's not true. Not true. Vast numbers of Christians do not believe that if you leave the Christian religion you should be killed for it. Vast numbers of Christians do not treat women as second class citizens. Vast numbers of Christians do not believe that if you draw a picture of Jesus Christ you should be killed for it.

...Most Muslim people in the world do condone violence just for what you think.

Charlie Rose: Vast majorities of Muslims?

Bill Maher: Absolutely, there was a Pew Poll done in Egypt a few years ago. Something like 82%, I think it was, think stoning is the appropriate punishment for adultery. Over 80% thought death was the appropriate punishment for leaving the Muslim religion. You must know this.

Charlie Rose: Well...well I do...but...[wipes face] I don't...

Bill Maher: To claim Islam is like other religions is just naive and plain wrong.


Charlie Rose: I do believe that what we see with ISIS is NOT representative of ...

Bill Maher: Like I said. Connecting tissue.

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Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.The Good Son Collaboration and His Evil Twin Socialism
Often the greatest evils are simply a small mutation of something quite wonderful. Thus is the tragic story of Socialism.

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Charlie Rose

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Bill Maher

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