There are many extraordinary people worth studying. Here are some of the more interesting related to our content.

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Learning the lessons of the past is profitable. Great masters of their crafts in their time are a wonderful source of information. Most invaluably in a general sense is the thread it allows you to follow through several adventures along with the paragons in question as you recall their story looking for the possibility of new knowledge. What did they explore, what did they discover? Dead ends? Perhaps a dropped adventure waiting for someone else to finish the journey.

Editors Note: Each iconoclast is associated with articles and opinions worth flowing into as well.

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Ronald Reagan  | Bill Maher  | H. M. Bateman  | Nikola Tesla  | Michael Sturzenberger  | Steven Crowder  | Stefan Molyneux  | Sam Harris  | Christopher Hitchens  | Maryam Namazie  | Angel Teger  | Michael Shermer  | Kim Campbell  | Audrey Hepburn  | Gore Vidal  | Larry Elder  | Katrina Pierson  | Douglas Murray  | Dave Rubin  | Charlie Rose  | Milton Friedman  | Mario Savio  | Irshad Manji  | Ed Broadbent  | Roberta Lynn Bondar  | Louise Arbour  | Natasha Bakht  | Thomas Sowell  | Maryse Carmichael  | James Randi  | Buffy Sainte-Marie  | Sharon Wood  | Jesse Lee Peterson  | Mark Pellegrino  | Shushma Datt  | Natalie Spooner  | Bertrand Russell  | Milo Yiannopoulos  | Lauren Southern  | Hans Teeuwen  | Marilyn vos Savant  | Nigel Farage  | Liliane Bettencourt  | Boris Johnson  | Louise Mensch  | Neil deGrasse Tyson  | Col. Wm. C. Hunter  | Shawn Farquhar  | Mark Steyn  | Inna Shevchenko  | Garry Shandling  | Douglas MacArthur  | Peter Mark Robinson  | General George S. Patton  | Donald J. Trump  | Gavin McInnes  | Cenk Uygur  | Vondie Curtis-Hall  | George Carlin  | Sharath Jason Wilson  | Matt Drudge  | Anthony J. Mountjoy  | Peter Schiff  | Booker T. Washington

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