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Verboten is a Canadian studio located beside Club 60 on Preeceville's second main street across from the old COOP. When the world isn't ending we make stuff. Founded by Anthony Mountjoy.

ver·bo·ten Noun
French underground film community formed in defiance of German occupation during WW2 declaring their films forbidden under lethal threat.

"Verboten films were a death sentence if the dictatorship caught you."

This website is a semi-satirical homage to Verboten's original purpose in defiance of censoriousness and cancel culture.

Magic Tricks
Please enjoy this recently rediscovered 19th century collection of genuine magician craft! Including tricks with cards or coins!

Learn a parler trick to entertain your friends!

"Brain washing doesn't clean a dirty mind, but the soap will stain your hands." - Founder's Thoughts    

A Thoughtful Mind Often Changes Having a thought isn't the same as agreeing so whatever you think about these thoughts is for you alone to decide. You're under no obligation to agree nor is the Founder oblidged to hold a thought true forever.

Breaking News: Verboten has secured a location 5 minutes outside of Yorkton to build the AMT Prototype with drive-in style movie screen, bandstand, concession, farmer's market, and so much more. A quarter section just down Mehan road off the Number 9 Saskota Flyway North. More to come on this story soon along with formal welcome to our new Yorkton area partners.

Did you know Verboten has taken ZERO stimulus during this economic lockdown? It's true! Both Anthony and the company have been operating out of pocket for over a year as we simply don't make enough anymore to cover the bills. This is the price a small business pays to remain independent. We owe nothing. Remain uncompromised. What we create is ours and nobody can make a claim on it. Not the government and definitely not some snotty corporate stooge.

I have a plan to help small town producers get a piece of that city money. Are you with me?

Check out our latest Website build!

Verboten has built a new website recently for Saddles And Steel Music Productions out of Yorkton. Featuring a powerful online store and checkout/order process with back end inventory mangement functions.

If you need a website, but your business doesn't have the budget right now contact us anyway. Verboten can make a few hundred bucks and a productive trade or exchange of service go a long way.

Studio Credits
Our ghostly producers receive studio credits based on the attention their content earns. Buying stuff from Verboten increasing the real money value of the studio credits producers earn with their content publications.

Show your love for small business!

Verboten Studio

Verboten focuses on developing the strange and unusual. Technology and software for all kinds of interesting purposes.

World Wide Web Design
For only $300.00, Verboten will build you a 5 page starter site! Includes 2 templates (Home + Secondary pages) and 1 year hosting. May accept interesting trades.More >>

Cari's Comfy Creations

Cari's Comfy Creations is an artist's dream in the Verboten store front. Consignment opportunities, tools, and materials. Kids' Squeezables. Yes, we sell yarn!

Creative Custom Orders
There are so many cute little items to choose from at Cari's Comfy Creations. Maybe you've got something specific in mind? Perhaps Cari or one of her associate artists can make it for you.More >>

The Not So Secret Society

It starts simple. By showcasing the work of studio artists we open opportunities for creative commerce. If you have a talent you'd like to apply more seriously consider coming in for an audition. Maybe you can help us make some revenue generating content.

Then it grows. A family of creators... a tribe forms. They get their own ideas of where Verboten needs to be, forgetting they aren't the only tribe. They turn away from the productive foundation upon which they built their dreams. Undermine their Verboten Legacy with exploitation. Trading creativity for power. Such things rarely end well.

Where is the Founder now?

Store Hours:
Open 10am - 5pm | Tue - Fri
Saturdays by Appointment

Verboten. You don't know what it is. You don't want to know what it is. Move along.

Today's Horoscope (5/15/2021)
If You Were Born between April 20th and May 20th

The Period of Taurus. It is symbolized by a mighty bull. Venus is the planet which guides its destinies. The best colours for Taurus are blue and any other colour incorporating blue. If born in April your lucky stone will be Diamonds. If May, Emerald.

She who from April dates her years
Diamonds should wear lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flow; this stone
Emblem of innocence is known.

Who first beholds the light of day
In spring's sweet,
flowery month of May, And wears an Emerald all her life
Shall be a loved and happy wife.

Forbidden Knowledge
Use this Website At Own Risk!

Verboten doesn't have a phone number. Come visit the studio during regular business hours or contact Verboten with email and member tools.

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