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Verboten Studio
Verboten focuses on developing the strange and unsual. Technology and software for all kinds of interesting purposes. Building websites and native applications.
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Welcome to Verboten!

The biggest, little studio in Preeceville, Saskatchewan!

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Thank you so much for visiting the Verboten website! Every article you read is written by a ghost writer or pen name to protect our authors. It's pretty clear some pretty powerful people don't like this site. Are you with us?

Every donation... every item you buy in our brick and mortar store front or website you ask us to build helps us produce more content and involve more artists in broader collaborations.

"Without freedom of speech we cultivate a culture of cowards. Afraid to hear new ideas or re-assess old ones. Too scared to speak their mind beyond the easiest thoughts. So impotent in the face of competition; demanding compliance in all its comfortable low-yield predictability."
- The Founder   

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Looking for something different? Something others pass by without noticing?

The Not So Secret Society

It starts simple. By showcasing the work of studio artists we open opportunities for creative commerce. If you have a talent you'd like to apply more seriously consider coming in for an audition. Maybe you can help us make some revenue generating content.

Then it grows. A family of creators... a tribe forms. They get their own ideas of where Verboten needs to be, forgetting they aren't the only tribe. They turn away from the foundation upon which they built their dreams. Where is the Founder now? There's only one way to find out.

Rules Of Engagement
  • 1) No plagarism or reposts. If the content is here then it is only here or sourced from here if shared or re-printed elsewhere. The exception to this rule is public domain works from 1928 or prior. While we encourage legendary posts of this type they must still credit their original authors.

  • 2) Be a producer. This is not the place for marketeering. We're about generating new capital primarily through production; less so trade.

  • 3) What you produce you own. But there's a catch. Other producers, including you, have a member right to mix the content of other producers using Verboten Legacy so long as they are members when mixed.

  • 4) If you cancel membership you take your content and all rights to it with you, however, mixes remain with Verboten and their creators. You're also oblidged to source Verboten (w/ link if possible) as the production environment in any publications outside our network.

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It isn't easy being an independent publisher in today's economy. Our collaborators rely on your patronage to keep creating. Art is important. Literature is important. Essential even. Thank you and consider making a donation.

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Preeceville, Saskatchewan, Canada

Email: editor@verboten.ca

Store Hours: Open 10am - 5pm | Tue - Sat

There is no longer a phone number for Verboten. We've also deactivated our Twitter accounts. We don't have Facebook or Instagram, either.

Reddit, Minds and Locals are the only cloud communities we support right now. Consider using Brave browser. Visit our brick and mortor studio, and/or use email. Become a member to use our private chat tool and play Verboten Legacy to build your boodle.
- The Small Print

Verboten is a small town production studio with big dreams. Making music, film, software, technology, articles, essays, books, games, and more. Founded by Anthony Mountjoy.

Free Books
We're offering a full copy PDF download of Ithliam and Our Tribal Circles. If you like them please consider sending a donation.