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Learn To Code in C With This Cute Little Sample Program
Review Bonus: Double Points!
By Aesh M. Daeva

You’ll need some basic programming background for this… but not much. Just the basics.

By showcasing the work of studio artists we open opportunities for creative commerce. If you have a talent you'd like to apply more seriously consider coming in for an audition. Maybe you can help us make some revenue generating content.

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"In a rare moment of candor, major news outlets admit ending tabloids ruined straight news." -- Crystal Vase

Sensational tabloid buzz from all around the world. If something interesting happens then it might get summarized in parody for ridicule here sooner or later. Updated every Sunday just like the old days. Embedded search links connect you to related articles for the deep dive we know you're craving.

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"Where there's thought there is thought crime. Revealed by a criminal mind." -- Top Hat

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