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Verboten is a Canadian studio in Preeceville, Saskatchewan. Local artists, crafters and suppliers, sell their goods in our store front on consignment.

Founded by Anthony Mountjoy.

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Building The Berms
There are two types of berms being built here. The surface berms are about 3 feet at the top and the subsurface berms are another 7 or so. Once ther berms are done I can cover them with rock and dirt for even more weather resistance.
Picture taken Aug 27, 2021.

Laying Pipe
Eight extremely heavy pipes(thermal mass) are in the ground. Next I have to run the air into the studio's clean air intake ensuring a constant flow of fresh greenhouse air warming in the winter and cooling in the summer. Gotta cover the pipes in more rocks and then it's time for the pallets and framing.
Picture taken Aug 11, 2021.

Sunken Greenhouse Big Dig Complete!
The main dig is complete. It's as deep as it's gonna get. Skimmed the sides, gonna skim the ground to even it out and create a decline toward the far corner for water. Then gravel. Then those big metal pipes go in with plastic piping inside to create a "warm" air circuit that will go into the building so this winter the intake air is pre-treated by the greenhouse radically reducing the wood requirement in the stove.
Picture taken Aug 9, 2021.

Trading Station
Built a trading station out of scrap material laying around the studio and put out some bundles of wood for trade or sale. Campers will come back to our rural paradise eventually and with the economy being what it is every dollar counts. And soon all these weeds will be covered in another layer of field stone, too!
Picture taken June 27, 2021.

Sunken Greenhouse w/ Poor Man's Geothermal(Geo-Massing)
Digging a 10 ft sunken greenhouse by hand using massive, and I do mean massive, iron pipes with flexible plastic ducts run through them, to create a circuit of circulating 5 degree (Celsius) air between the studio and the greenhouse.
Picture taken June 7, 2021.

Gonna grow fruit trees all year round. Will be hooking in the solar/wind battery array for the lights and fans.
Verboten has secured a location 5 minutes outside of Yorkton to build the AMT Prototype with drive-in style movie screen, bandstand, concession, farmer's market, and so much more. A quarter section just down Mehan road off the Number 9 Saskota Flyway North. More to come on this story soon along with formal welcome to our new Yorkton area partners.
Did you know Verboten has taken ZERO stimulus during this economic lockdown? It's true! Both Anthony and the company have been operating out of pocket for over a year as we simply don't make enough anymore to cover the bills. This is the price a small business pays to remain independent. We owe nothing. Remain uncompromised. What we create is ours and nobody can make a claim on it. Not the government and definitely not some snotty corporate stooge.

The Not So Secret Society

It starts simple. By showcasing the work of studio artists we open opportunities for creative commerce. If you have a talent you'd like to apply more seriously consider coming in for an audition. Maybe you can help us make some revenue generating content.

Then it grows. A family of creators... a tribe forms. They get their own ideas of where Verboten needs to be, forgetting they aren't the only tribe. They turn away from the productive foundation upon which they built their dreams. Undermine their Verboten Legacy with exploitation. Trading creativity for power. Such things rarely end well.

The Founder had a plan to help small town producers get a piece of that city money. Where is the Founder now? You'll have to play Verboten Legacy to find out.

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Verboten. You don't know what it is. You don't want to know what it is. Move along.

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