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Verboten's Rural Freight

2-3-5 Hot Shot Service. Visit studio during regular hours.

Our hot shot plans are a rural freight delivery and pick up service offered between Yorkton and Preeceville and occasionally the surrounding area. Kelvington, Wadena, Foam Lake, Hudson's Bay.

2-3-5 Hot Shot Plan
For $20, a Verboten driver will visit up to 3 locations in any town on the route to collect (or deliver) up to 5 items. Space is limited. First come first serve.

Introducing 1-Shot: 1 item picked up or delivered for $10.

The Infamous Half Shot: For $5 we will pick up 1 item on route and return it to the studio in Preeceville where you can pick it up at your convenience during regular business hours.

Map of Verboten Hot Shot RouteThis is available Mon, Wed, and Fridays. Driver leaves Preeceville toward Yorkton at 2:00PM. Make sure you have delivery items at the studio before driver leaves or arrange pick up on route for additional $5. You can pick up retrieved items at the studio the next morning during regular store hours or request drop off on route for additional $5.

If groceries are already paid for ahead of time and available for quick pick up then each bag of goods will count toward the 5 item limit rather than each individual item.

Blue route is the priority. Gray routes are only available as weather and load balance and grouping allows. Special deliveries near route require a $5 bonus within half hour and $10 for one hour.

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