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Aesh M. Daeva

Science as a moral dilemma. Philosophy abstracting mythology.

"From the angel of death's black wings came the material used to compose our Universe. Our lives are the remains of solutions invented to overcome Entropy's constant challenge."

You'll need some basic programming background for this... but not much. Just the basics.

Production being based on opportunity relies on external reactions to create a cycle. Even the fastest machine often finds itself waiting.

From the beginnings of the AI revolution there is one application that plays very well to the strengths of digital computing. Game AI.

Artificial Intelligence is a solution without a problem. A fantasy of automatic production in a world where only automatic manufacturing is possible.

What do you think software is? Bits and bytes, instructions or lists? If there's counting involved then there must be some math?

Early in a young programmer's education, the hidden influence of an obscure power reveals itself; Opensource.

Programming is a royal art. It's challenging, exciting; Everyday new programs are changing the way we function, but in today's commercial landscape it seems to be more and more about the latest consumer trend.

It's alive! That's what Frankenstein exclaimed as his creation first opened its eyes. A profound (or profane) mix of triumph and surprise.

Ask yourself. As the commercial internet reaches maturity has your bottom line grown with it? Did you find that illusive genie in the digital bottle?

Earning credit through responsible creativity, building on past success, effective development strategy derived from basic programming principals.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and explore your mind in true 3D surrounded by family and friends. Devices that capture and reflect all the senses establish a digital mindscape.

After more than 20 years professional experience these are some of Anthony Mountjoy's thoughts on programming.

Get a grip and hold it. Going to scale is so much harder than people realize when they are dreaming up their valuable solutions. Keeping control of ones organization as it grows further is even harder.

It's very easy to confuse chemistry for alchemy. The difference is as subtle as a memory compared to a dream.

I'm just gonna say it. I miss the Dial Up Internet world. The original public version of the World Wide Web that captured my heart. It was based on freedom of information rather than content distribution...

Ancestor simulators are all the rage in the smoke filled dens of techno-puffers. First proposed by Nick Bostrom, it essentially claims that our Universe and by extension our life experience might be a simulation produced to allow us to experience the past.

Feedback is an essential element of any market test which drives innovation and progress. Without it any producer is forever lost in the vast infinite of possibility.

What's science for, anyway? Trust in business is always selling at a premium. Probably because after a while everything starts to look like b*llshit.

Chickens always come home to roost. A few times in my career I've been called to save a project going down in flames.

So the CRTC tried to commit a hostile takeover of Netflix. Who's next? Me? You? That's what happens when we become just a little too successful for the comfort of the bureaucrats that rule over us.

Can you guess what that word might be? We've learned from recent events with Sony that spending top budget on top talent to apply best practices in cyber security are simply not enough. It will never be enough.


It Isn’t Your Data
Feedback is an essential element of any market test which drives innovation and progress. Without it any producer is forever lost in the vast infinite of possibility.

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