We meet them at the trade shows and shake hands like old friends. The lips smile but the eyes remain still. You are exactly who they need you to be.

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Amazing People Aren't Always So Amazing

But sometimes they're even better!

A warrior fighting against the odds. Pulling off the impossible for budgets that others scoff at. They respect your work and laugh at your lame jokes. Then come the promises. Wealth, loyalty, the ride of a life time. Big money just around the corner.

During fair weather amazing people shine. The magnetic smiles, the frantic energy that comes with the blind confidence of inevitable success. Laughs come easy as the back slapping comradery begins. When in a crowd a circle forms around the light. People can't take their eyes off the latest amazing person to cross their path. With matching t-shirts and pretty girls floating nearby whats not to like. If these amazing people would only do business with us, then we'd be amazing too.

It's easy to trust the charismatic entrepreneur. Yet it's also just as easy to forget that they are fighting for everything they ever wanted in life. Easy to forget that they have put all their chips on the line. That they are trusting you with their dream. This sounds romantic and inspiring, but it's also dangerous. Expectations can start so high that only an angel could live up to them.

What happens when the weather isn't so fair? When development hits road blocks and delays. Will the client remain loyal or start secretly looking for a new developer? Trust is essential to the programmer grinding against the code at 4 am so a demo can happen the next day; a demo often scheduled with no consultation, by the way, but investors will be watching so who needs sleep anyway. Basically just another normal day.

In technology, especially, we are often caught behind unavoidable delays of days or weeks because we have to rely to some degree on Apple or Google or Microsoft, etc. Most obviously in the mobile world, where the entire distribution platform is a tightly controlled third party product, the unpredictable malfunctions in code outside of ones control can be extremely frustrating. Yet the client, not being a programmer, sees only the face in front of him. Yours.

It's difficult for the uninitiated to tell the difference between a bad developer being buried by a challenge far beyond her skill level and a good developer working against difficult problems that simply take a lot of time and careful execution.

Software is very expensive to produce for a reason, yet it seems that entrepreneurs who place their hopes on such development don't want to accept this reality. The cost in Saskatchewan for a software project is $700.00 a day for mid sized companies and $7000.00 a week for larger firms. For some perspective lets look at the real numbers in 2014 for mobile app development.
According to the November 2014 Kinvey Report we now know the following:
Simple Enterprise iPad App Development Cost: $50,000 (+/- 20%)
Medium Enterprise iPad App Development Cost: $100,000 (+/- 20%)
Complex Enterprise iPad App Development Cost: $150,000 (and up)

Features that bump an app into the $100,000 range include a branded and highly tuned user experience, and integration that leverages your existing enterprise capabilities. For real-time integration, mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) infrastructure, you enter the $150,000+ category.

Average time to complete an app from scratch on one platform is 7 months.
We can't charge anywhere near this for most people, which leaves government and large corporations. Don't even get me started on how little we can charge for our web development. If this doesn't sound fair, it's because it isn't. Simply put many clients can't afford to pay what the industry expects so if we want to build Saskatchewan projects then cheap work is about all there is most of the time. Get used to it.

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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