Archewell, like Verboten, is a website about sharing education and training materials via films, podcasts, and books. Self-publishing articles, magazines, music, podcasts, media shows, and computer software.

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Archewell Takes A Page From Verboten Playbook

It's about connecting with people.

Did you hear Harry and Meghan are starting a website? It's true and it's very much the type of thing Verboten has been doing for some time. Well sort of. It's called Archewell.

Archewell is a non-profit and Verboten is a private studio; both digital publishers. Archewell seems focused on the networking elements of glad handing for donations to apply to important causes. Whereas Verboten is focused on cultivating artists and producing new capital.

However, it's the similarity in business model that I find interesting. While so many naysayers suggested Verboten would fail trying to build a lifestyle platform for artists it makes me smile when other examples illustrate the still untapped potential of the internet.

It's not all about social media all the time. Emerging digital publications like Archewell coming out of Los Angeles prove the demand for "empowering" content is strong so long as we can provide the tools and opportunities which guide our audience to safe action. We all want to leave a better world than we found. This is very much what Verboten has been about for years. Refining the content and tools required to provide opportunities for our audience to get involved with the production.

A place of meaningful action. The organizing principle which doesn't just draw in attention but also participation. Now Verboten isn't the fresh vehicle of the 2nd born royals, but it is a working example of a similar product much further along in its infrastructure. Our platform is mature and ready for growth.

As Archewell grows, too, it'll naturally adopt more features similar to Verboten as we pioneer in this space. We wish them well. Their success expands the market for all websites like ours. We're the vanguard. A new generation of publisher ready to try new things for today's critical thinker, move maker, world shaker.

If you're here reading this then that means you.

I. Am. Verboten
I. Am. Verboten is a mysterious ghost of an author wondering through the studio as if he owns the place.

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