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Verboten Publishing Ltd.

Verboten's Artifacts And Oddities

Rare and forgotten items. Antiques, books, unexplainable wonders.

Curiosity stimulates creativity and the creative mind requires source material. Why not explore the less travelled corners of knowledge and expand your pallet.

Every shelf holds a different story. Every object a mysterious past. Who were the people that made these things? Wrote these things? Thought these things...

Damascus Steel Odachi Samurai Sword
A mysterious weapon left at the studio by an artist passing through. A beautiful sword which is sure to compliment any collection. $800CDN.
Replica Deep Sea Diving Helmet
A great display item and conversation starter. Looks just like something out of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. $300CDN.
Rare Books
Books from a forgotten time covering all sorts of forgotten topics. Viewing by appointment only. Price determined during trade. In store only.

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Verboten focuses on developing the strange and unusual. Technology and software for all kinds of interesting purposes.

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