Nature's seasons are an obvious example of a reliable cycle. The supreme repetition of it all; production can occur in a steady, effective rhythm.

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Bend Natural Cycles With Patience

This is how we started farming and created our original civilizations.

Eventually our many networks formed stable platforms and with them new cycles emerged. When we create artificial cycles we can't expect them to be as reliable as nature, conservation of energy marries the law of diminishing returns eventually even if she runs away with inspiration in the end.

Though there are many ways to encourage the appearance of prosperity, often we discover in hindsight that most if not all the wealth comes from natural opportunities others were able to leverage during the process. We enjoyed only from the periphery. The abstract nature of complexity when practised in a compartmentalized way tends to encourage self delusion rather than reinforcing discovery through experience.

It's common for business leaders or powerful government bureaucrats to mistakenly believe they are the source of the production rather than a conduit for the producers working just out of view. The more reliable the hidden producers, the more powerful the administrators fancy themselves to be. When challenged to explain their "method" stand back and endure the endless barrage of "buzzy" words designed to obscure the reality even further. It's actually kind of fun to watch, but sadly it changes nothing. Some producers spend so much time around cows they start to "moo" on command.

And why not? We all know that the more production one is capable of, the more attractive that production becomes. It's the secret of sales. Not just what you have, but can you reliably provide more of it. Do you have lots of it right now? Can we make a deal for all that? If not properly protected a cunning socialist might slip in and take it all at an apparently "very reasonable price".

Production is dirty, hard, and it takes a thick skin with a talent for suffering while maintaining quality until the job is done. Anything you can say about baby making you can say about production generally as it's the earliest form of production that includes us in the process. Look at your hands, no matter what you make, you will see the graves of past blisters speckle your palm. This is history. Truth. If you don't then you're not producing in the broader sense and have probably over specialized.

If you play an instrument, use a tool of any kind for any length of time, you'll form a blister if you seek to understand music. When we make the extraordinary, it is physically confirmed as beyond regular from the extra wear and tear we present to ourselves. Don't over due it, pace and practice, but if one is working within "normal", nothing extraordinary can come of it.

If you have those blisters and no boodle to show for it that's just as bad, maybe worse, because your product may now find itself in the hands of someone who won't use it for productive purposes. It's not enough to grow the wheat. One must protect it from the elements and then make sure it doesn't feed the enemy. Keep your money busy for your family and country. Position your assets to further leverage your production, but only buy what you need or you may find you are without liquidity in the clutch. Protect yourself.

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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