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There is no country like Canada. Come visit.

By Crystal Vase

Articles and stories related to the uniquely Canadian experience.

Most of the world thinks Canada is basically like the US, but if you've spent enough time here you know that isn't true.

Our politics are different, our governmental structure is parliamentary and we don't have a President. Our Prime Minister is not the leader of Canada.

We have a majority party and the Prime Minister is whoever leads that party. Our Prime Minister is never directly voted on by the Canadian people broadly having been elected a Member of Parliament by his local constituency in whichever Province they ran in.

We're All In This Together... Or Are We?

Criminalizing Jesus For Healing The Sick
Because some feel they know better.
In today’s pseudo-socialist Canada, Jesus would quickly find himself in jail for medical malpractice. Doesn’t qualify for the privilege to help others. Isn’t representing the almighty government.

Tonight My Friend Had A Heart Attack
We’re more vulnerable than we realize.
And he wouldn’t pay the $3400.00 for the ambulance. True story.

Transphobia and Witchcraft
A book has a cover for a reason.
Psychics and fortune tellers are victims of transphobic-esque micro-aggression by Canada’s “legalitarian” bourgeois.

Laurentian Elite
Is Canada really its own country?
Or is it still just a proxy power for an absent King running on auto-pilot while Ottawa’s bureaucratic class pull the strings? The West feeds the East and the East taxes the West. Families farm and the regulations direct the product to Eastern well-to-dos.

Time Does The Dirty Work
Doing nothing isn’t always an option.
We quickly find the incompetent excelling and the conditions for excellence diminished. Canada hasn’t been in a positive debt situation since before WW2.

The 23rd Minute
How Canadians function in today’s political climate.
The average Canadian is held beyond the levers of power usually afforded free citizens in a democracy. But we aren’t average citizens are we?

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