What's it take to remain competitive in today's globalized economy? Is it really the trade deals with enemies?

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Capitalism Is A Glorious Force Of Nature

Prepare yourself accordingly.

Does it make long term sense to conveniently forget the abuses of the past in return for cheap plastic and the products of primitivism. We won't let our own people work cheap on big things out of sacrifice to ambition, but we'll ship in poor people from anywhere we can get them to fill endless job openings created to serve these very deals with people we once hated for good reason. If you're having trouble recalling an example, I'll present two. China and Saudi Arabia.

Simply put these trade "allies" are the worst totalitarian dictatorships on earth and neither has ever had to pay for that. Mao killed 45 million people in just 4 short years and displaced many million more while establishing the ironically named "Peoples Republic of China". Compare that to the 50 million or so we lost in all of WW2 from all sides. (Mostly Russians) This single party Communist cancer has remained in power ever since and they haven't changed one bit. Google China and fake social media posts if you don't believe me. I encourage you to read up on their censorship regime, as well.

"You may work hard now and play as you go along. You may have happiness each day you live; you can make life worth living if you work." - Col. Wm. C. Hunter, Dollars and Sense, 1906

And we enable them to continue to suppress their own people and destroy our manufacturing capability. Can't wait till they declare war as socialists can't help but spread, and we discover we have no factories to convert to munitions. Oh well. At least we have our beloved corporate dominated western world with our "international trade deals" designed to raise GDP and stock while keeping our country firmly in debt and its citizens dependent on our creditors.

If we protest, we're told we have to play this way. It's the world now. If we get off this train, the world will end, just look at the hysteria circling the U.K over Brexit. The "chicken littles" come out on every channel reminding/programming us. There're jobs to fill, the GDP is solid...for now, thanks to our international market access. But everyone is broke! Can't these elected idiots see that? Or do they just not care.

It should be clear by now that corporatism is just Communism with a website. I am suggesting there may be a serious need for a law to separate economy and state to fix this. Like the separation of religion and state for basically the same reason; because of the potential for harm given the extraordinary level of intimate involvement both have within peoples personal lives.

So again it should be no surprise the biggest corporations make it their business to leverage politicians to conduct affairs according to the whims of the international markets they can play in without accountability to any one community. Thus, we finally come to the crux of all this social fallacy. We conflate social for network, free market for market access, prosperity for dependency, charity for kindness, the illusion of safety in return for a willful ignorance.

We know what China is doing and we buy their cheap shit anyway. We know what Saudi Arabia will do with 15 billion in armoured hummers, but we sell them anyway. Who cares about ruining high quality industries along with national identity if it means more blood money and votes from the shipped in labour we're now obliged to honour. Thanks, NAFTA.

Our businesses used to be part of the community. The shop keep and his wife lived down the street and ran that shop all their life. Children who frequented the store could watch and learn by example from the consistent and profitable behaviour of that business in the local market place. Watch that store open on time every day, see the way someone can spend their life doing good business with people they know by name with a trusted reputation. There were no "corporate secrets" no "secret sauce" just solid business and clean living.

Mentors were once eager to teach the next young entrepreneur. Now it's too risky. Too easy to violate a labour standard when the work gets too hard or the stress too high. Don't raise that voice if you get frustrated, wouldn't want a human rights complaint ruining your business. Thanks to our disloyalty and willingness to destroy others to massage our own egos, we threw all this away. For franchises, famous brand names, and packaged education. Royalties, baby! You don't get none. And now you don't get to sell your book, either.

We sold out our economic independence while the stock markets and related tax rates drove most exchanges directly into the maw of the financial industry. How ironic that the tech companies they financed are now eating them along with the rest of us.

Young people today so often describe capitalists as though they are scheming fraudsters trying to steal their money. Individualism has always been a soft target for social media and the populists like Bernie Sanders are more than happy to exploit the stupid and pussified. Who's going to pay for that "free school". Capitalists.

Capitalism is about "capitalizing" to create production, not "capital" as in currency. Pretty big difference there. Money is one of many products and services, Capitalism is a glorious force of fucking nature, bro. (Used for irony. Generally, only morons use the word "bro". This also applies to the following: Um, like, whatever, but.)

It's not hard to see that the very act of buying something has become distasteful to this new generation of "never mades, yet always taking" ass-holes. We no longer have a culture of buying because we don't see our businesses as part of our communities anymore. They are so far away and are run by and benefit strangers. Too many have come to see them as a burden, an obligation, and an imposition. A formality because we deserve everything for nothing, isn't that what our forefathers died for? Aren't we entitled?

And that's why we're all broke or on our way to it, while people with no particular love or loyalty for this land take advantage and meekly declare "It's just business". Maybe, just maybe, it's time for a change? Maybe someone elses hand in your pocket shouldn't be "just business".

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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