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Censoriousness - A comfortable silence.

Given all progress requires both opportunity and capacity there are two places to expect attack from those focused on ruining your quality of life.

The enemy will stand on the throat of a producer to secure a tight yoke.

Without experience it’s more difficult to generate reliable returns of any kind. Especially in the face of serious competition. An operation of eternal amateurs will extract value slower. A critical aspect of all progress is the compound interest one benefits from over time with successful repetition. This is what we mean by experience. Philosophies derived from principals that lower the value of past investment, reduce opportunity or capacity must be considered carefully.

Market monopolies always require a government partnership and what helps today may harm tomorrow. What are the consequences of certain policies when understood through this lens? When censure and criticism translate to government regulation designed to block production.

There is no other legal way to silence original voices who have the same rights as you do. Only through alliance with something given special exemption through the power of the electorate. Socialism. Statism. Corporatism. Take your pick.

Censorship is dangerous; self-censorship is deadly. There’s no need to dis-invite those never invited in the first place. No apologies for something never said. The easy road leads exactly where someone else wants you to be.

In this spirit tens of thousands of young people march to hand the government even more power. So naively desperate to stop others they don’t like from speaking while ignoring the obvious price they themselves pay. Celebrating censorship and banning free speech; re-branding words as dangerous weapons. Throwing themselves between their phantom enemies and real ideas.

How has it come to this? The young were once skeptical of government power…Vietnam…Bay of Pigs…the authoritarians of the East… Now they idolize it; wear establishment t-shirts; more loyal to a corporation than their own country. Entire generations educated in social media under the ever watchful eye of popularity algorithms.

Censorship is a cruel double edged blade that always cuts both ways. Less opportunity to develop skills and reliable return. Only appearing competitive in the absence of true opposition. Sooner or later the real world pushes through the social illusion and the spell is broken.

The economy is littered with zombies. Homeless camps full of 30 somethings with white collar degrees, no skills and no work ethic; shell shocked from failure. The economic refugee. Even if they want to work they’re missing 10 years of practice. Collateral damage of the trendy socialist way of life.

If only they’d realized sooner that the cool professor was full of shit. Gotten a job; while still in school. Kept practicing a trade; built something real with their own hands. A big house on a big piece of land with mud on the jeans and a BIG, BLUE COLLAR.

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