Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and explore your mind in true 3D surrounded by family and friends. Devices that capture and reflect all the senses establish a digital mindscape.

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programming science machines

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Cognitive Capture Of The Machina Arcana

The future is everything we imagine and more.

With procedural construction adapting in real time to your most subtle inclination, you can enjoy the benefits of your own operating system; built to evolve with you. Oculus Rift and Holo-Lense are just the pre-miniaturized, early players in a growing augmented digital multi-verse.

The new worlds we are building are vast and majestic with endless dimensions full of magical content to explore. More than light and sound, more than even touch, programming elevates the experience; adds that critical gravitas to help separate the extraordinary from the mundane. As film-makers have brought our imaginations to the screen, so to programmers take these ideas and make them real all around us.

The elevated experience isn't formed by convincing a person something unreal is real. It's about whether what they are perceiving matters to them. Relevance is more important than fidelity.

It's an amazing idea, and believe it or not, with different technology in the hands of past generations, it's been tried before. And failed. Repeatedly. At every budget, big or small.

Why do video games get boring? Why did Disney's Tomorrow Land fail to inspire the civilizations of today? What makes a compelling future? Consistency? Community? Relevance.

Perhaps it takes more than nice things to build a meaningful life. High resolution graphics are awesome, but unless the data is scientifically meaningful, it may not be important. The strongest arguments I hear against social media platforms like Facebook, or Instagram, are the ones involving the lack of meaningful engagement. Interaction for interactions sake it would seem.

We need compelling story lines within our digital creations, but I think those narratives have to matter in our lives or we quickly lose interest. A sense of balanced equity seems to be more dominant than whether it's physically real. Is my participation yielding fair rewards, if not, then why continue participating.

Career goals and romantic pursuits are important for so many reasons, yet the essence of these central themes are difficult to translate through technology alone. Some might argue impossible. I would suggest that we focus on the wrong aspects when developing products too much of the time.

If you write software that impacts peoples' lives, then it's not as important how nice the pictures are or if the effects are gimmicky in some new trending way. Eye candy is nice, but it's not always necessary and why let it hold you back. The most valuable software you could use in your life may not be as you expect. It may not come wrapped in a revolutionary form factor, or bubble gummed in an app store.

Ask yourself what do you really need in your life, and then what is the least amount of software you think it takes to make it happen. Are you sure you can't write it yourself? Are you sure you need to do it the same way everyone else is doing "that kind of thing". Think about it. You are capable of more than you may realize.

Aesh M. Daeva
Looking for the frayed edge of the Universe.

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